Witnesses to the fall of America

I believe all of us who are alive today in the United States are witnessing the fall of the once great Republic that was the United States of America. The Nation that threw off slavery, led the industrial revolution, made possible a high standard of living, celebrated faith, fought for freedom around the world while […]

Then What?

We are set to continue Biden’s no-energy policies. There shall be little or no relief for us, Americans. We will all pay more and more for goods and services and be forced to embrace the challenge and poverty of climate change with our treasure being confiscated and being sent to every country, every interest except […]

Come November 2022

I believe democrat operatives generate paper and call them votes. I believe the big lie is that there was no cheating for Biden in 2020. Democrat socialists play by the socialist rules which mean they are free to take power anyway they can, by any means, and are justified to do so. We have the […]

Liberals (Marxists) Expect

What you liberals do and say to us who are Americans… You put down faith in Jesus and say I’m ignorant because of it. You expect me to quietly accept your latest policies, even though despite the very real destruction and death you cause, it’s never enough to appease you. You expect me to want […]