Ms. Pelosi, sensing the blood of Conservatives in the water of our political nonsense as a fresh opportunity to damage or even destroy the opposition stepped up to the plate and swung.  She was so motivated, that in her animal exuberance (one possible defense in sexual harassment cases), as she had to lick the saliva flow from her mouth, that she missed the pitch high enough to strike the top of the backstop.  She was overly excited at the prospect and quickly added this assault to her long list of assaults against all things conservative—only she forgot an important detail.  Heh.  Somehow or another she must have been so blinded by the prospect of a feeding frenzy that she actually didn’t even consider or think about the fact that anyone would bring up her own history on the matter of “enhanced interrogation techniques.” 

She must have thought that her own culpability would never come into play as she pursued making the one thing she got right, criminal for Republicans.  Therefore, what if some of the dastardly Conservatives destroyed in this charade went to jail!  It’s no skin off her plastic nose.  She must have assumed that no Republicans or Conservatives—even Democrats who may have an ounce of fair play left (doubtful) would not have the temerity to suspect and simply reveal the participation of her highness, itself, whatever in the hell is left of what used to be a person now transformed into simply another plastic politician.  It is ironic that perhaps the one time and only time she got something right when it comes to our country’s national defense, she is having all this trouble.


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