Our Left

It is the spiral of wasted minds captured by a moment of imagined utopia for all on earth that cause many people to perhaps unknowingly become enemies of freedom. The same downdraft that is sure but gentle, touches them with a false reassurance that even if they have learned little, it is all right. In the swirl, the trickster who tells them that they know enough and their life circumstance is not their fault softly seduces them. The seduction remains, grows in allure and people are taken in until they are subjects who accept authority of others, strangers—people who have been roaming the halls of universities or working as lawyers for corrupt community organizing groups. As the left feeds itself with the growing number of people who find its answers pleasing, it grows obese, unwieldy, and incapable. The left is not designed, or intended to deliver much of real substance, after all. It is not part of the grand plan. It exists to take.
It is the aroma of oleander, the taste of hemlock, and the feel of that dusty ivy should one stray with an independent thought. They shall be punished for being of a mind and voice that is detraction from the collective. Their lot is to stay the course and remain subjects to those self-anointed kings for the king’s fortunes—not their own fortunes. Throughout the lie is common, accepted however it is a grand one as they are told the work, the change it is all for them. They must pick up the language and use it continuously. They must remember the words to an issue and cloak it, force it, as the shade of a large tree is unstoppable when there is light. Let no detractors enter the discussion and remain without ridicule—or taken seriously. They must listen to and understand only their part, from their kings. Always retreat to the hollow, incomplete bits of information in the new language you have been given and add none of your own thinking! This is important to them as they are told at the same time to “question the universe,” but strongly implied as if by force, is that the question must always be seared with the flame of liberalism, from the vortex of the spiral where collectively they are gathered near the ground, low, anchored in the shallow, shifting sand of liberalism.
Yes, we can! Together we can! Together we can take back the country! Together they can share the misery that comes as a certain consequence of the decisions made in youth and decisions now as men and women, uninspired, feckless, and unlearned. Billy will still be paid for a lecture though, stalwarts—a lecture canceled. They—the minions—will not be paid except what the kings decide for them. (88) They can only hope that we pay them more than the allotment allowed by the State.
They live every day in a soured state of existence, an unhappy one, with little hope, little chance to rise above where they actually exist not where they think they exist. The new kings have told them they cannot do, be or participate but for them. They are told that they are enemies of a lurking power over which only by them can be defeated. They feel the chains of old, the coarseness of thick rope around their necks out of the visions planted for them, and the lie becomes real for them. They think that they know other people hate them and are the first to hate—a preemptive strike and teach their children well—the same hate.
They hate and follow these kings of deceit like swine in Biblical times when, swollen with evil, plunged off the slopes in the country of the Gadarenes and into the sea to die. That is their destination, for some it will take long strides to bring them to the edge, for others, not much of a leap. Some have been convinced in their own brilliance for many years and so the final fall is within but arms reach. As they begin the fall and feel the water filling their lungs, they are comforted when they see so many others with them. The collective cannot be wrong.
They are the people who enjoy or hate being of different races but little else in life—white, black, brown, and others—who may or may not love abortion but vote that way, who have been fooled into believing in these new kings and their promise of utopia on earth and in their own righteousness. They are schooled in the new language that is not only “appropriate,” but also misleading. Being polite because being polite is being a better human being is not part of this school’s test of knowledge. No one of a different mind can have countenance from him or her. Their minds are closed to any would be invader who has standing in truth.
They have been led to believe that one of the worst sins against a person is to be offended and so they look constantly for evidence. They sue other people on a whim for unearned, undeserved riches because the language tells them they are entitled to redress for simply being. They live in the tasteless soup of political correctness and do not worry if rights of free speech are abridged—for others. It is after all, no skin off the plastic nose of one of their leaders—a queen dedicated solely to humanism, to her quest for power and relevance. They eat the bread and honey our country produces but are not compelled to help grow any part of the feast. They love the offerings for their bodies. They also love the hate that feeds their minds.


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