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All That

The political machine that is the democrat party continues its dishonest heap toward the ignorant and gullible, the faithless takers, the bound losers, the wide-eyed mind-stunted idealists who do not know how economics works—works best—blinking toward the educated socialist elite who do receive or expect to receive their rewards at the top.

There is a group who benefits most and will live in luxury while the vast majority of “their people” will live in poverty with an ever-shrinking chance to escape its clutches. The leaders of the democrat party and a few message bearers fare well and rich. Those who gain wealth by pushing more government, more “sharing” work to sustain a narrative that benefits them large while pretending they are helping the masses. The poor, hapless mobs are convinced their plight would only be worse if socialism was not in place to dole out crumbs from the nation’s treasury.
Billy Ayers has a nice house in Chicago and a fat pension unmolested by anything he can “earn” outside of it. Social security retirees are not allowed to earn more than 14,000 per year by government decree or will be cut out of some of their genuine entitlement.
So, you have foreign investments, Debbie? Good for you… how exactly did you earn that money?
How’s that offshore tuna business doing for you, Nancy? How big is your house?
Who else and how many are paying you, Harry? How big is your house?

I was in line at a local food store the other day and the woman in front of me was using an electric rider cart provided by the store, her girth protruded well outside its frame. Her five hundred pounds made it apparent why she probably has difficulty walking. The clerk totaled up her buy, over four-hundred dollars, and announced it to her as if she was paying for it. She didn’t even have to lift her pocketbook as the EBT card had already been slid through. It would have been less insulting had the clerk not announced the total for there was no reason for him to do that—he should have just kept his mouth shut. Why bother? She is but another taker among the now legions of takers who vote for their little prizes by voting for liars and thieves who make up the most of our democrat party. Four-hundred dollar crumbs for power while the nation is being flushed down the toilet. Okay, we know what we’re up against and it’s partly the fact that most recipients have no shame, but it’s mostly a mindset of entitlement for living. The poor woman and her tag-along male companion who probably fathered the two youngsters with her helped her get into their new truck. The kids have to watch their mother ride in a cart anytime she “shops.” The large pickup truck hauled her and our four-hundred dollars out of the parking lot. Go ahead and proclaim you’re a proud democrat.

Many of us out here know what being a proud democrat means. We don’t want to give you our money. It’s not yours. It’s ours and our family’s.

Hunter Ayers July 16, 2012

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