Harry Reid of Nevada

Harry Reid of Nevada

Harry Reid, the Democrat Senator of Nevada, the Majority leader of that house claims someone from Bain Capital called him about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.  He said the caller told him that Mitt didn’t pay taxes each year of the years and more he was at the helm of Bain.  He gives us the unnamed, supposed insider (who would know), as though the phantom caller was allowed to either see the returns or hear Mitt announce such a thing somehow, somewhere, in some venue where his personal taxes must have been the subject of an office conversation.  The caller is a made up fancy straight out of the game’s playbook.

A thing made up to pressure Mitt Romney to yield to a DNC demand so it can have the opportunity to find a tidbit of something that can be used against him is typical of the socialist party we must endure.  Our prayer and hope is to defeat them and send them back to the hell of their minds from which they came.  Don’t do it, Mr. Romney.  Don’t do it.  Now the high ground on this issue is yours.  Harry is lying.  Responding to a lie such as this would be in effect lending credibility to the words of an incredible shell, the corrupt, the mere tool of false narratives on behalf of the criminal DNC, which is Harry Reid of Nevada.  He is only one of still many who take our money and enjoy the perks of high office.  Harry Reid is one of many who do not deserve to occupy the place of representative, for he represents himself and his party only, not the Americans in his State.

Release them after you win the election, Mr. Romney and prove he is the liar we know him to be.  That would be fun.  Do this Mr. Romney, even though being found to be corrupt and being found to be liars has never slowed democrats down or even cause a moment of an accelerated heart rate.  I know.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid of Nevada and fellow conspirators such as Boxer, Murray, Schumer, and other perennial idiots do nothing about debt, regulations, an administration overstepping its authority, taxes, and on and on it goes like a spinning wheel out of control, spinning to control us.  It’s the election season after all and not one of them has the character and integrity to do honest work.  For the sake of power, they do nothing but dishonestly parrot a socialist doctrine under guise of our general welfare, under the banner of justice, fairness, caring—those words that cause a normal human being to feel the release of endorphins in support because we do love and we do have ideals.

In the past, those who sold bottled up cure-alls were known as snake oil salesmen.  Harry can give us the name of the caller who knows about Mr. Romney’s taxes so others can talk to him—right?  No?  Harry—when the caller is a phantom, it’s mighty hard to produce a name, isn’t it?

Hunter Ayers, August 3, 2012


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