Forgive Fareed Zakaria!

The left wing writer and anchor has plagiarized a portion of an article. He should not be punished whatsoever—suffering the indignity of a suspension from TIME and an indefinite suspension from CNN. After all, the leftist page is very confined and allows for no growth upward. Set Fareed free! Let him alone! To hold him accountable is an anathema to the leftist media and it must be painful for them to show disappointment, disapproval in one of their own. The only folks they are interested in quashing by any means necessary are conservatives.

Every bit of information the leftist must use in their work, envelop into their lives come from the minds of grand masters of people, schooled in Marxism, perfected by a simply fabulous combination set of Mao, Alinsky, Zinn, and Chomsky set out every point of view that must be taken to stay in step. It is all there on the one or two pages on each issue a writer or an anchor must use, lest he or she fall out of favor with such people of integrity as Cutie (borrowed from The Hope for America blog) Cutter, AKA Stephanie Cutter, an up and coming democratic operative.

Poor Fareed was found to have borrowed a paragraph from The New Yorker for an article he wrote (and the brilliant editors printed) in another magazine few read. It’s not his fault! Is there no mercy? Where is the understanding? After all, if one is merely a bit of the glue that is spread on its surface to attract flies to the leftist page, how much writing can you be expected to do that is of your own? He must be forgiven I tell you!

The narratives are so narrowly constructed—and it is so tall now, built on the foundation of sand; piled on leftist lies across generations—it makes it very hard on a new fellow. The contorted, strained narrative that originated from the make-believe world of the few who chose themselves and collected the whimsies of past and present intellectual wizards who have decided what is to be on the page that an up and coming leftist mouthpiece has little chance to break in and make his mark. I say give the man a break. He is no worse than basketfuls of others. We’re all human beings, right? If we were stuck to one narrative, one angle, one set of falsehoods and distortions, any of us would face the same challenge to produce something that would sell to the uber naive who think they are uber intelligent. Of all places to borrow from and of all subjects (this one is a very short page), the article was “The Case for Gun Control,” printed in The New Yorker magazine, the same but far more haughty second cousin of his employer, TIME.

I just don’t see it. As small thinkers began tinkering with the Constitution and decided on their own without even the basis of common sense (that wonderful kind of intelligence that Uncle Jimmy Lee taught passed to us) that interstate commerce clause meant anything they wanted it to mean as far as federal power. One lie has been written or broadcasted after another until all that’s left is a pile in the front yard. One convergence of make-believe onto another is merely a pile covering over another and oh my, we know what happens when one begins with a lie—one has to keep telling more in order to escape scrutiny. In the present day the production line of leftist producing more Cass Sunsteins requires maintenance. Sunstein has easily been able to do all the damage he could by regulations and though he has stepped away undoubtedly to write a book that won’t sell, he leaves a batch of product surrounding Obama who gleefully carries on in his tradition of killing free enterprise—freedom—by any means necessary. The left is at the low point of two steep waves of their own making. It is drowning in a dilemma—a deep, dark, swirling wet dilemma where a poor newbie like Fareed must do what he must do.

The pages Fareed must stay consistent with are so small, there are so few dedicated to each issue—and gun control? Oh, my goodness, it’s a one-page lesson—tax, control, then confiscate in the glorious leftist future. How much creativity is left for poor little Fareed to use? Where can a dedicated leftist get his material? He must stay on course! He must repeat the pewter mantra and call it gold, drive the stake in our Constitution, sing the off-key song and like it! He must nourish himself with the spoiled food of liberalism and drink the poison of collectivism or become the subject of his peers in most unflattering, vile, and slanderous ways—the ways of his saints Reid, Pelosi, and Obama.

Free Fareed! He ain’t done nothing very wrong for a leftist.

Hunter Ayers
August 11, 2012

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