The Destructors, Those Small-Minded Destroyers

If you stand up for your beliefs—your knowledge—and your experience with truth, the left will work to destroy you.
The little broadcaster Mike Malloy said on air that John McCain deserved the torture he received as a captive at the hands of the North Vietnamese Army. This one example of the mindless, conscienceless left’s narrative is but an example. We are swamped—but not sunk—with such ruminations all the time. It is all so absurd, wrong, ridiculous—and sometimes obscene, we pay no attention to such narrowly defined idiots. Some do of course because whatever is said from the spineless, corrupt left is favored by those who desire a nice check from the rest of us for living, a fat government job, or a power position in the Democratic Party or one of its many enterprises.

People who work for the various media outlets that sell advertising (or not) such as newspapers, radio, internet sites, television broadcaster like MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS regularly and consistently work to destroy our nation. Principled thought, respect for the Judea-Christian ethic, fact based standards of behavior and plainly a civilized society rather than what we have now in many quarters are routinely sighted as targets. We know this. Why deny it? Why deny that which must be their intentions? These awful people want to destroy everything good and honorable about the nation, many freedoms, and in large measure, private enterprise itself—that includes many of our ability to make a living. Of course, they deny all of this and think of us in the names they would like to call us, say we exaggerate, say we’re bible-clinging right-wing gun nuts.

The late American society of good intentions, good will, good thought, care of our fellows, good deeds—and more faith in ideals than not still resonates with me. The left has zero faith in any ideal outside their small world of collectivism. The left is all about power even while decrying it for the sake of a narrative that masquerades their truth. Now many media outlets are employed as foot soldiers to carry the fight for nonsense and baseless “new” rules, “new” ways of thinking, “new” groups who deserve more respect than others. In every institution, every large city and through federal actions, every State the left is squeezing the life out of a once great republic—as measured in the degree of freedom we allow ourselves to enjoy.
For anyone, for the Stephanopoulos’, Kroft’s, Schieffer’s, and the Donaldson’s, etc. to play their little game of using haughty verbiage to put us down by their omissions of language and commissions of language deserves zero respect and as much viewership. They are little more than a singular part of the great destructive club of progressiveness. (These people enjoy the slime produced at MSNBC by Ed, Chris, and Al, for example, because it adds to their leftist numbers, but one strongly suspects that they wouldn’t want their daughters dating one of their sons).

As they go about destroying, a series of hapless tools are brought in to echo some nonsense that go to the variety of causes, a variety of anecdotes that feed the ignorant their thoughts, and since many of their targeted audience do not have to worry about paying for the consequences, there is no accountability and no pain in the open wallets of the recipient. It is easy, it is very convenient for the target audience to buy into the issue being sold to them. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. They are told their souls are not in jeopardy by the liars in modern pulpits and so they can rationalize any damn thing. Birth control, morning after pills, and abortion become women’s health issues that must be supported by the frustrated taxpayer. So Mr. Individual, Mr. Company—you have religious convictions? “Don’t be so arrogant and self-serving. Just pay for anything we say you must pay for health insurance, damn-it! And while you’re at it—bake that cake for the nice lesbian couple or we’ll sue your ass.” The campaign of destruction is never-ending, as long as they have power—and they will always have some power, somewhere, and have the predisposition to use it to the fullest. “Your second grader must be suspended from school because of the cut-out depiction of a gun violates our no tolerance policy.” Freedom is gone, freedom has been made out to be bad, and so freedom moves away as it is forced to leave and much like the winds of the Sierra-Nevada, it is gone.

These haughty individuals think they deserve respect for their opinions. They think and assume that they are held in high esteem, holding their audience in a state of utter amazement at their intellectualism and generally convinced they know best for everyone. No, they don’t. There is nothing I respect about them and their destructive opinions. To give weight to an unqualified “constitutional law professor” who calls for us to do away with parts of the constitution that he says no longer fits, is to decide that there is no basis for this nation at its core. I guess we just make it up as we go along—and for whatever the political power wishes to do, we are to be subservient and let it go on until there is no republic left, not even a shadow of its former, greatest form of government the world has ever witnessed, and we will simply become another used-to-be on a dangerous world stage.

I don’t want to give anymore to the imbeciles who take and take, demand and demand more, and give absolutely nothing in return for our loss of freedom. The destroyers, would do that and have done much to take the nation into an abyss of mediocrity at best, evil at worst. The takers—including the many corrupt government despots of one form or another—never think to even say thank you. And we haven’t even mentioned lawsuits, foreign aid, military action every damn place. Corporate inside deals, land deals, tuna deals, government jobs corruption deals, what used to be called kick-back schemes, now it is called campaign contributions, and little girls in the Dominican Republic.

Destruction, hatred, misery brokers of the first order, pushing their little agenda of bad ideas so we all fall down.

Decay from the top down.

Made possible by a cheer-leading media.

Unfaithful, dishonest, bad forms by any definition.

The sheep are being led to destruction as sure as the Sierra-Nevada winds move every year. The sheep they think—are us too. We are coming to a place where we need to do a real occupy of every office in Washington D.C.

Hunter Ayers
February 4, 2013


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