I See Them Sometimes at Work and at Walmart

I see them. I see democrats. The people who complain a great deal about much in life, particularly their own, come in to make application to lower themselves to accept a check from business. From the unfair hardship of having to pay bills to the mean company in which they must they donate a little of their valuable time to avoid being fired, they bitch, moan and are never happy. Many cannot be happy but laugh at others who make a real effort to accomplish something more than seeing a continuance of a democrat administration and the disappointment of those same people who make their best effort, every day, without fail, without hesitation. These people who are fooled into thinking democrats mean lower taxes from whatever corrupt source of such nonsense take part of the great whine about how some people have it made without effort. Dullards like this usually associate another’s success to luck or something like, “he was born into it.”

The sentiment of the takers runs deep in socialist circles—that would be democratic clusters of those who associate with other educationally/mentally deficient people waiting for the government to take care of their every need. After all, their time is so very valuable. There must be a daily exercise on Democratic Undergroud or a few hours in front of MSNBC so they can be smart and informed. Then it is time to party after another democrat is elected who is dedicated to the theft of earninigs from those ignorant suckers, working people. Raise a beer to the latest mini-me Marx leftist despot elected as merely one small man or small woman as a small but newer version of Lenin.

I hear them all the time. In their squeal of a voice, they ask you to do this for them, do that for them, and always be at their beck and call to lend whatever kind of assistance they say they need—and of course it is expected because of course, they deserve it. They have graced the earth since being born. I hear some of them complain about the work schedule (for the brief interludes they have a job). During those interludes of work, they are tardy, report off up to the maximum, and then most slip up and get themselves fired. Oops. Later they want to come back to you or the plant down the block where they lie and say that next time will be different, that all their problems are behind them and they’re ready to dedicate their (valuable) time at work. It usually happens after their unemployment is in danger of ending, an interesting coincidence. Rarely will their attendance be different. Sometimes one difference is that it might take a company longer to fire them the second time in order to clear the way for someone who will show up to work.

I hear and see them bring their personal drama into the workplace and act out during the relatlvely sort time they are supposed to be working. They have to leave work for a family emergency, there’s a crisis of some kind, there’s a sister who needs help, there’s a sorry ass daughter who is not taking care of her children—it never seems to end. Most of it is fantasy.

They sit in the break-room crying for sympathy with some frequency—expecting other people to console them rather than pay attention to the trivial reasons they are on someone else’s property in the first place (not so trivial). They get sick more than anyone else. They have conflicts with others more than anyone else. They see discrimination lurking behind every bollard. Some are victims because of their (usually) very public sexuality and that must always be the reason one is terminated. Yeah, like the company is going to fire someone who does a good job for whatever preference they “suffer”—let alone the fact that stuff is supposed to be an off the job thing. They feel they are underpaid and overworked, an almost universal attitude among our democrat applicants.

Most of these democrats-socialists really do see themselves as victims of many injustices while never demonstrating an ability to understand others, appreciate others or sympathize with others when there are real problems in the other person’s life. No. These are the same people who think managers and supervisors “don’t work.” These are the people who leave their Walmart shopping cart in parking lanes for someone else to labor and move since it is beneath them. They are after all, the first victims and the place they occupy—whether it is unemployed, under-employed (in their view) or employed are all equally demeaning to them unless they are agents or higher bureaucrats of the IRS. Usually, if they are employed, they are paid by a lowly (guilty) company that is supposed to let them design any element they choose of their own job. Companies are mean because extended breaks are frowned upon and they aren’t allowed to do the job “their” way, and worse, they are expected to be present on more then a few occasions.

They whine about how good some people have it and how easy their jobs are, without ever doing the job (because they would be as wholly competent as many in the IRS). They think that because they “are,” and they deserve more and better. Nothing or no one is going to change their mind about themselves as they set about to birth more babies without the resources to pay even a portion of the expenses.

That’s okay though because there’s the democrats in government. That money doesn’t come from anyone they know or can see so it’s not like it cost anyone anything. To them, it’s free stuff and by God or by nothing if they’re atheists, voting democrat is also a thing they look forward to since it’s the political party that pays for their sad stories with other people’s money. Stories from how they were fired because of a misunderstanding or a conflict (never of their making), they couldn’t get a ride to work, there was a supervisor who had it in for them, the drug test was wrong, the company was expecting too much, I missed one day (lie) because my mother was sick, or, I had an accident and they fired me (for the injury of course, not for the unsafe act that caused the injury) and on and on the excuses go—I suppose to infinity, but always attached without responsibility on their part and certainly, never a fault of their own. Of course it wasn’t. To the entitled who favor us with their presence in an arena (work) that such people hold in contempt, they are simply misunderstood and under-appreciated people and have a hard time adjusting to someone else—usually every someone else who is in a position of authority over the poor, mistreated, picked-on democrat. Many of these non-working idiots claim to be Christian too as a tool for social standing yet vote for certainty that abortion abounds. I have nothing for them.

And so to those who miss work, who hate coming to work (regardless of how well the company treats its people), who think calling off is normal and they should be allowed to do it as often as it suits them, who think doing drugs is their business, who constantly has something to complain about and who are as miserable off the job as they are at work where some hapless person thought to give them a chance… to those who bring their sexuality with them as a constant, obnoxious issue, I have grown weary of you.

I will endeavor to avoid hiring you for anything—and will minimize my taxes and vote conservative as long as I live. How about that? You hate me, don’t you? The work ethic is sick and has been for a while. I often daydream about how much and how many things can be automated and don’t blame a company for moving to a state or country where it can survive. I think the culture has been taken for such a ride by democrats, have swallowed so much snake oil handed over by greedy politicians, and sunk so low, there’s a good chance we’ll die as a nation.

Hunter Ayers, May 24, 2013

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