Some Live, Some Die Part Two—A Very Partial List

Eric Holder
The democratic strategist currently drawing a salary for a title is reportedly surprised at people in his party who are calling for his resignation. His concerns were addressed though when each politician assured him that they have said just enough to provide them cover. Each one smiled at him and said there’s no way they mean anything that was said and he should know that. The crowd of unlimited promises, taxes, and spending other’s earnings to any point-whatever it takes to keep the sheep voting for their power finished with a chuckle. They want and expect him to stay in the title.
He assured the democrats that he would stay, and smiled in return. After all Obama and their collective agenda requires his strategist work applications. He is serving them well and deserves a bonus so the thinking goes from the West Wing and the DNC headquarters. There are mid-term elections coming up and the deep desire to take control again by the crowd at South Capitol Street in D.C. It is important to them to take control of the house in 2014 and put their methods and lies to rest where no one can raise a voice in the last two years of their master’s reign.
At some point Obama, Holder, the silly Biden, Schulman, Lerner, and most of them will be happily retired following their legacy of destruction but none will have to worry about the tag as they are certain their media will hold them up as the finest examples of statesmen who did the wonderful job of bringing a deserving nation to her knees. The crippling of the free economy was God’s work for a guilty nation. Holder even now, sees his portrait prominently displayed in the rotunda. Retired, these people will be at the top of the socialist pyramid and won’t have to worry. It is, after all, all about those nameless masses that will be someone else’s problem.
He lies. All democratic strategists must lie.

Doug Schulman
As near of a clone as one can be to the Godless Bureaucrat Kathleen, the perfected democrat, the insulated figurehead at the top of an agency sits in front of the people’s representatives and tells us that there was no purposeful targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.
One can imagine the party-like atmosphere around a very high end conference room table inside the bowels of our IRS. Arrival of applications for tax exempt status from Pro-life groups, Tea Party organizations and Pro-Israel movements were opened with glee. Godless bureaucrats now had something they could have fun with! The lively chat between Lois, Cindy, Holly, Sarah and those who stumbled by while looking to dodge their supervisor, went something like this:
“Oh, oh. I know! We can ask them for all their donors!” Lois said. The laughter was contagious and filled the room.
“And, and…! Let’s ask them for the content of their prayers!” Cindy said, barely forming the words through the heaving of her chest from muscle contractions of sheer joy. “We’ll make ’em give us word for word!”
“Then we’ll scare the crap out of ’em with demands of every facebook page and every twitter–” Sarah roared. “We’ll ask them to detail every one of their jobs, their first born and last born, anything they ever said or wrote since college–their entire group!” The room exploded. “Hell, they don’t even know who all comes to their little meetings! We won’t hear from these Neanderthals ever, ever!”
“This is the best day ever! Let’s do it again,” Lois said and felt the largest smile she could remember. “It’s time for lunch. I’ll be back in a couple of hours or so.”
Democrat Doug’s spouse missed this chance to have a little fun in that conference room, perhaps being part of the IRS could have been her greatest calling but instead she is lobbying for taking the money out of politics, a sentiment expressed far more coarsely in her favorites within “Occupy Wall Street.”

Robert Mueller
Mr. Mueller has provided the American people with proof that he is as compromised as every other member of Obama’s cabinet and staff. So politically beholding to Sir Obama, that he failed miserably at the congressional hearing on IRS abuse and discrimination. That order to abuse and discriminate against conservatives came from the corrupt Whitehouse and we know it. One would have to be blissfully stupid to not know this cluster of socialists believe they have the mandate to do anything they need to do. Further proof that this government is a terrible joke is merely time used in futility.
Benghazi. Incompetence.
Why are so many people willing to forget her lies?
“What difference does it make?”
The coven leader was ushered into Washington in 2008—the year American history began for him and Michelle, campaigns and vacations.

Hunter Ayers, June 20, 2013

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