Lies coming in full circles, never ending.

Now, Detroit’s problems are because of conservatives. The corrupt IRS, the violators of the 4th Amendment, NSA, the extreme excesses of the GSA and other government agencies, and failure in Benghazi are now called “phony scandals.” Laughable lies the hard core leftists put forward to a compliant media for minions to gobble up as just enough reason to lazily stay in the camp of the depressed and bitch.

Liberal legacy leaves ruin in its wake. Never wrong in their minds–many have to know better but it doesn’t matter. Many have not a clue and are more focused on television shows, I-Pads, and skittles and empty suit Oh-Baum-Ah. Invested in the line, the false narrative, they push their destructive agenda on a nation and we witness the results. How many people are unable to find a decent job? The number is unfathomable, particularly for this nation. But it’s okay over at msnbc–for some.

Again Obama comes and lays out an economic plan of returning manufacturing jobs–without saying how, promising a green jobs explosion and a heavy government “investment” in everything from rebuilding run-down neighborhoods to day care to immigration reform. What? He and his have not a clue–or more likely, don’t give a damn of how an economy works best. He insults our intelligence virtually every time he opens his mouth to lie. His minions insult our intelligence every time they broadcast, hold a press conference, or write an editorial.

He is not going to change a damn thing except to make it worse on every front of government interface with the people of this nation. It has been clear and there’s no lifting the oppressive veil even slightly he and his have constructed. Beholding to the vast number of the ignorant, unions, environmentalists, trial lawyers, abortionists, collectivists, and some corporate cronies in phony industries, he talks for over an hour and says nothing. He’s is front man for the infamous race baiters and because of his inaction, his indifference–his racism? It could be simply his disengagement because it is, after all, a part of his constituency. As a consequence, racial hate-black on white-beatings and murder done by evil morons with no moral compass is on the rise and can raise its ugly, putrid, evil head anywhere–Georgia, Washington, Oklahoma, Florida–and what’s next? Where next? Campaigner in chief is all he is and nothing more. But we know that. To me it is Obama, not President Obama.

We must hold Congress to an aggressive prosecution of the people who let men die in Benghazi, who used the IRS against political enemies, and who have used our purse to party like no tomorrow. If we don’t, more shame on us, more pathetic do-nothing, enabling–even complicit we have become as we move along this path to reach the home position of what we deserve… Boehner, Pelosi, McCain, Graham, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Biden, and the many little pigs below them of which we hear nothing much except a rant here and there about “Stand Your Ground,” as they block vote for every piece of bad law one could not have imagined being even considered a few years ago.

Not many answers we may think but I think…
Open carry or Concealed Carry.
Vote them the hell out.
Raise hell at every town hall the class of morons show their piggy little faces.
Get Libertarian, Conservative, and Constitutional Party candidates into office…
City, State, Federal.

Hunter Ayers
August 23, 2013

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