A Review of a Review

381705_4883518328726_1709271138_nLone Survivor Has Too Much Violence and Jingoism for Its Own Good
LA Weekly Film, February 9. 2014. Amy Nicholson.

“Here’s a movie that’ll flop in Kabul. Lone Survivor, the latest by Battleship director Peter Berg, is a jingoistic snuff film about a Navy SEAL squadron outgunned by the Taliban in the mountainous Kunar province. After four soldiers — played with muscles and machismo by Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster — get ID’d by Afghan goat herders, they’re in a race to climb to the top of the nearest summit and summon an airlift before these civilians can sprint to the nearest village and alert local leader Ahmad Shah. It doesn’t go well.”

“Too much violence…” are her words about a movie about war. I don’t know what to say here; it’s a stunning and worthless comment.

And so Amy starts her review with this… she managed to use leftist trip words, jingoistic, machismo in her opening, overly long sentence. It’s good she was there. She could watch the scene, duck the zips, mortars and luckily for us, count the Taliban surrounding the SEALS. Her BA degree taught her how to count for one thing. What?

She has never been in uniform? We can see clearly now.

Is it not true that she relied on a film made by the Taliban? I can see even more clearly. Ideology first, sexism second, and then a warm latte in pajamas is her comfort zone. Enjoy your routine, little lady. Big bad men will carry on the fight where it must be carried when called upon. There were between 150 to 200 Taliban murderers that surrounded the SEALS after being told of their presence by herders let go in peace by Americans, Amy.

Propaganda produced by any of America’s enemies carries the weight of credibility to our leftists. The poor dear hasn’t learned to source very well and repeats a form of propaganda herself. But we must view her as a work in progress, learning and developing along her journey of something called “film appreciation” and writing profiles of actors.

Actors have so much to offer as a rule. They play parts. They play. In Lone Survivor the actors did a good job and finished the project with due respect for those who had work to do–and the compassion of strong human beings who knew the herders would tell the enemy. They represented well the SEALS who made that decision and prepared for a bold entry into the worse place. They fought valiantly but it was too bloody for little Amy, bless her heart.

Using her smarmy elements available to her in her mid, she compares the number of enemy to another movie, “Battleship” and writes “those aliens in Battleship weren’t real either.” It’s good that she was not on that hillside in Afghanistan. She may have mistaken her mission as preparing a review of a documentary, always a review, never a creator, poor thing. But being smarmy is second nature to a wanna-be nuanced liberal. They have it in their little kit bag, learned from other minions and memorized in case they run into Anne Coulter and have no escape.

In the article, her stated inability to be comfortable with “what” (an audience) might be cheering for dismisses the life and death challenge this event was by four Americans–and later more Americans… those who would be your neighbors, Amy, who are your protectors, Amy, and who we, the nameless millions, admire, respect, love and want to live with us when they return home.

That is what war is, Amy. Kill or be killed. You will never have to know because there are just enough jingoistic macho men–add to that, courageous women–willing to do the fighting when called upon by your and our nation.

Andy Huddleston
January 17, 2014

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