High Maintenance Wendy

The Abortion Barbie has every bit the look and history of one who is never satisfied. The guy can expect to be her go-for as well as her provider should she link up with another hapless high earner–oh yes, he must be that for sure. As she has worked so very hard to “put herself through school,” and then a no work job in politics, we must be democrat fools as much as any guy she blinks her eyes at and says the nicest things. They’ll last as long as she needs it to of course and then it’s off to another made-up story and awful tennis shoes. Wendy’s model, Patty Murray, Socialist, used the idea first.

And so our murder supporter sets about to play the democratic game where a promise to one or a promise to a million will carry through from whatever confiscation she can make from-you know-citizens who work. She and her giggling friends then spend time casting every conservative as selfish beasts who deserve nothing but contempt. It seems when you put down an accomplished man who happens to be bound to a wheelchair, it’s okay because he’s a conservative and believes in character values. Now, there’s an “in your face problem” for our Barbie–character. My Chihuahuas have more, easy. They love me anyway and always will. It wouldn’t matter to them at all if I were in a wheelchair.

How many men and women worked their way through college? How many started at the bottom of the ladder and worked hard to rise a level or two over years and years? How many have had to find job after job after losing job after job mostly because of democratic tax, regulation and labor policies? How many are we still? Now there are surely far fewer entry rungs for anyone, thanks to the same policies. Wendy late term would bring more democratic ideas to Texas, a great state, and as sure as I’m breathing now, make it not so great.

To my enemies in part of this farcical politico called Battleground Texas who want to elect a late term abortion proponent–killing a child with a heartbeat, fingers, toes, a functioning brain, a being who can feel pain, who can smell and move as he or she grows; murder your legacy, sip your drink of choice, and proud of innocent death.

Some advice to men: Don’t cash in your 401K to help pay the little lady’s expenses at Harvard if you’re eighteen years her senior and her name is Wendy. Work out an alternative for her–such as the University of Texas. At least she would be closer to home and maybe not given to straying for companionship. Just saying. One wonderful advantage of Wendy’s particular divorce is that she gave up custody of beautiful children for the poor man (surely a rich man in the important ways) to love–and teach better. Maybe he taught them about character and honesty, a hefty retaliation against a person who is burdened with neither.

And so it goes for our democratic sleaze. God help Texas and may God be with Texas.

Andy Huddleston
January 24, 2014

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