Democratic Voices-Deceiving America for Years

Lately one of the many clubs of highly paid government regulators somehow actually put down on paper that a program of federal visitation to newsrooms was a keen idea, under the guise of performing their duty to assure that small business had access to competing in the media.  So we are to understand that a federal officer of the FCC asking questions about how stories are selected go to making sure the field of play in the media is fair to the smaller guy who wishes to enter the game.  The worm has been eating and propagating for decades and now its population is such that every one of us must carefully negotiate our path or injure one of them and endure the consequences.  The Tea Party and other freedom minded, constitutionally grounded groups—individuals—is only the most visible example.

We know what they have been doing since it has been easy enough to listen to what they say and watch what they do.  As far as listening to what they say, we know we must parse the language used which purpose is deceit, to make what is unpalatable, palatable as far as the masses of inattentive Americans.  It was started years ago by the Democratic Party elites when the word “investment” was substituted for raising taxes.

As the transformation of what little remains of a free nation, weakly tethered by an ever decreasing principle of federalism, our turning toward socialism is nearly complete.  Some would argue it is complete and our decline has matured and now will be left to fester and rot against a decreasing inner core of freedom.  While the pressures from all sides work against the hard shell of those of us who revere freedom, Obama and his people take to using every avenue, every method to destroy the concepts our founders put in place and warned us to steadily guard against with careful deliberation.  Didn’t many people hear him say himself that he gravitated to Marxist professors in college?  He hasn’t had an original idea all his life but instead has absorbed bad ideas from Marxists to foist as much as he can on all of us.  Dumb people put him and the people he appoints in place and haven’t realized that it is they too who will pay the price.  No job, or if they do have a job, more of their earnings will go to someone who hasn’t made the effort and many who simply don’t care.

The worm thrives in compost.  From disagreement I went to distrusting decades ago.  Then I went from disliking to hating the message of the corrupt leftist democrat machine.  I have risen.  I now know these people—the Democrat-Socialist Party—as enemies.  It is usual for the immoral used car salesmen thieves known as Democrat mouthpieces and politicians.  When Wasserman-Shultz opens her mouth in front of any microphone, dumb Americans are apparently convinced.  She knows there’s a voter base out there who want to hear the trash talk whether it’s about Israel or about Issa cutting the microphone of the socialist Cummings who can see no wrong in government agencies targeting people who have a different opinion.  Her voter base is a mix of those who think they deserve what others earn, don’t pay attention to politics because it isn’t as entertaining as Honey Boo Boo, and others who are died true Socialists.  The damn meeting was called closed before he finished his little rant against the GOP, of course.  The wretch Lerner wasn’t going to answer any questions.  Why waste time?

I wish I could ask everyone to think twice about a politician—any politician, who makes a campaign theme of transparency to defeat anyone not in the democrat cult.  It’s a ruse and always has been.  True transparency will simply be, not talked about when trying to fool dumb Americans who buy into hope and change.  Don’t buy it when the enemies say it for now we clearly see they weren’t serious then and no more intention of doing anything right.  A Socialist believes the lie is nothing more than a means to an end—to do that which they have decided is best for America.  They are convinced it is only they—the leftist democrats—can possibly be the overseers after all and know what’s best for the country.  It’s a shock to their system to hear from Americans who know in their hearts and minds, that they need no overseers.  And “Benghazi happened a long time ago.”  And “Fast and Furious is nothing.”  And “there’s not a smidgeon of evidence about the IRS.”  “You can keep your health insurance.” 

Dumb Americans must learn about liberty, freedom, and not fall into line because one is the right color and another one promises to expand abortion opportunities—and others promise to kill the Keystone pipeline because, who needs jobs when we’ve got environmentalist Socialists to protect!  Who needs oil when we have Solyndras to pay off?  Who needs healthcare when we can exempt ourselves, and make all the working people pay?  Screw you, taxpayer.  You’re an annoyance, nothing more.

The democratic weaklings occupying elected office in D.C. turn every shade as their blood tells on them, while supporting this mess, and out they come and will come more, with the lies to get elected.  These people are enemies.  We need a new speaker in both houses—people who have the strength of conviction to stop the fools who rally to the party flag rather than our Constitution, rather than bowing to every interest group that sprouts up to take.  These enemies had the IRS work against Americans!  Can we understand what that means as the worms keep digging?

A.      Huddleston

March 7, 2014    Image

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