Loosen the Bindings

The leftists in our Senate, Congress and White House will not stop their assault on liberty. They will not stop their work to enslave by shutting down voices with the spin and lie, making us out to be foolish partisans who deserve neither voice nor the ideas we hold dear. We are constantly lied to about important events and issues like Benghazi. We are so over-regulated, we know what it feels like to be the bug imprisoned inside that baggie carried by a ten year old boy. They still keep writing every line of law and every sentence of regulations—and are still hiring. We are bombarded to constant insult by their media mouthpieces it is becoming harder not to advocate suggesting let’s line up on each side of a river south of D.C.-you lefties bring your guns, we’ll bring ours.

We let them do their “work.” We peacefully go about our lives and leave it alone because that’s our nature–and because there seems no way to stop them. How do we interfere with each agency and the office of personnel management? Shouldn’t government be forced to justify hiring to our Congress? Shouldn’t government be forced to justify each line of a regulation? Shouldn’t every part of the government be compelled to produce subpoenaed documents related to tragedies like Benghazi? I think the answer is obvious. Who do they think they are? They think they can do any damn thing and use the force of law against us-the people-to stay in power so they can take us deeper into another failed experiment of socialism. There they provide ever more nutrition-less crap for their minions of mediocrity at best, slothfulness at worse. Pretending to please the takers keeps the elite socialists in power—the scavenger buzzards atop the heap of worms. The tragedy is that every one of them were born to better but settle for what the elites give them.

Since we have endured too many laws already, maybe one that would make sense ought to be framed up in a couple of bills–not the phony kind we’ve seen so much, but a plain and understood bill that is both Constitutional and impervious to supreme court political meddling. I mean, since we have a Ginsberg, Kagan, and Sotomayor currently enjoying a vote on that court, we face leftists who do not believe in the Constitution as it is written. People much more qualified than me could draft one for the people to see. The first priority is to craft a bill that sets out criminal penalties for failing to comply with a subpoena by Congress. We have a right to know what our government is doing and why. Damn the politicians and bureaucrats who would fail to live what we must live with. Secondly, something such as, “no agency may write interpretations of legislation and publish without the express agreement of a unanimous Congress. No agency may hire personnel without the unanimous approval of Congress.” We achieve accountability of our elected and at the same time, force accountability on the bureaucracy. Another enforceable law we must write should go to political decisions from the executive that cause people to die.

So, while the agencies run unchecked and we are more likely to have more Bundy ranches, our so-called representatives are enriching themselves. While regulators such as the IRS work against the last half of our population which has within the body a loosely organized effort that demands accountability, we also hear the screams of our leftist enemies that the IRS nor Benghazi does not matter. What does matter is the fact that we let four Americans be slaughtered and rendered no aid, no effort. They’ll scream now as part of the horrible cabal of leftists that we forget these things, that they’re too long ago to worry about while they have another vacation to plan and a John Kerry protection racket to manage. Now we see the leftist media screaming Benghazi is over-move on to something else-dismissing while they say they’re not, the deaths of four. Screw you Matthews, Hayes, Uygur.

If we’re not on the verge of a revolution, it’s only because most of us are God-fearing and do not believe violence against the government, the bureaucracies, is what God would have us do. I believe that is true. What we can do though is take control as the American people and we begin that process by throwing out every career politician who resides in D.C. in order to rake it in. We can also occupy the halls of Congress and simply not leave. We should be armed if we do that, because the takers up there won’t stand for our presence too long and will fire the first shot. What has happened to Americans that we let this control shape our lives, our income, our faith, and our Constitution?

Andrew O Huddleston
May 4, 2014

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