Arrogant Easy Days People

John Koskinen is the IRS Commissioner. I’m sure he was hired to do damage control.

What have you ever built, John? What contributions to the nation have you made?

What have you written? Ever get your hands dirty? Do you think that writing checks to the DNC is work?

What lies have you told? What lies are you telling now?

You’ve had years as a faux CEO in government. Your mission now is to protect the IRS.
Achievement? Production? Ever turn a profit? No.

It’s been a breeze, hasn’t it, John? Easy days, plenty of money from the forced collection by government for government and enriching those at the top of this cost burden mountain. Proud? Yeah, you’ve wallowed in the kind of pride that comes from standing near the top of the enormous, rancid moist collection of waste generated by other corrupt bureaucrats sucking the life out of our treasure, our liberty. What you have is a very nice, easy, life, the façade of success concealing the putrid reality from the sheep.

Skip off to a fine restaurant where you can smooze with other easy dayers and laugh, smile to each other. The crowd of easy money, but the party atmosphere is real, and its fun pretending to be of consequence. You enjoy the easy days hiding from accountability while cashing generous checks made possible by the American people. We never hear a thank you, by the way.

We don’t need you to say it anyway. We resent every dime. We especially hate our money being used to hide truth from our representatives. Yeah.

The nation is supposed to believe your cohorts in the media that you’re a man of accomplishment, of integrity. I bet you try to believe that yourself. List them, John. We want to make up our own minds about whether we should respect you and your easy days. Never mind, we already know what you are.

The club is waiting to embrace you after this congressional nuisance is dealt with and over.
Easy days, big money, a good amount of scheming and wow, got it made!

Maybe not.


Andrew Huddleston
August 23, 2014

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