Elusive Freedom

Elusive freedom. Where are you in your fullness? What is left of you?
Why do other people assume the graveness of confining you, confusing you, stripping you away from our lives? Do they think we do not know the reasons? They have no God given right but they take it as their province to strip away more of you to control. They are thieves, nothing better, and nothing more.

How do people come to accept less of you in their want? It is true. When you, dear freedom of speech, become the stuff of waste, discarded, our voices are choked. In the most evil form, people are murdered for its use. When many claim offense by what is said, written, the childish work to force far less freedom.

Because of the fearful, the mad little minds who love control above all things, we can’t truly be free, else the consequences showering our bodies with punishments ranging from the sublime to the extreme of corrupt men, freedom’s very core and vessels sacrificed in the hateful houses of the selfish, self-satisfied would-be rulers. No, let them not stand above us.

When you, dear freedom of living, has been so awfully cut and structured by others, it kills the spirit. Every law, rule, and regulation for no good purpose is forced on all of us to force compliance. Then the little minds confiscate your means to live a life while joyously accumulating for the thief’s cache of treasure. No more, we say, we fight, we pray.

When life is pulling one this way and that, banning speech, directing you in much of life while taking earnings as easily as taking a breath, many no longer wonder why, but accept the crumbs of life left little self-anointed masters leave. The forces of larcenous minds found in those corrupted hearts gather much for themselves. Should we shout,” they must be defeated?”

Freedom, beautifully within the reach of thinking humans is a word that speaks to every heart from God’s own voice when the layers of fear are peeled back.

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