This is going to be viewed as cynical to some but it is a very real conviction of mine. It’s has been with this imperfect man for years and has never changed.

When some invite me to be saved who are democrat supporters, the unexpected and sudden minutes of wasted time causes a stir inside of me.

I don’t want or need your invitation for my belief in Christ. My prayers are mine to Jesus and God. How can you say you miss me at church ( a lie) when you vote for people in a political party that forces all to fund abortion? In my view the Godless party of killing, including late term, is yours to reconcile with the Lord, but not mine. I loath the fact that a portion of my taxes goes to the killing of innocent unborn.

I know if your a committed democrat, you’ve stopped reading. I hope you are perfected in your spirit. I would like only one thing from you, please; wish me the same in return. Then leave me, please.

Stay away and don’t pretend with me, I don’t need you to lead me anywhere.

Andy Huddleston
March 15, 2015


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