A Little Empathy for Democrats? No Thank You.

381705_4883518328726_1709271138_nIt’s a hard thing to argue, pass legislation and run people’s lives. We should feel something for the Clintons, Schumers, Pelosis, Rieds and all the rest of our resident Socialists. I mean, every one of them must twist with each breath when they’re caught in public and have to think fast on their feet. When anyone is advancing the disinformation and falsehoods of their democratic party, they must be nimble enough of mind to sound correct in the media. They are after all, only advertising to the large block of voters whose interest or ability to learn the issues is as deep as a rainwater puddle. We have Republicans doing the same thing. Jeb comes to mind.

The lies of the new Socialist party include such morsels as “they’re working to help the drowning middle class while the GOP only want tax cuts for the wealthiest among us.” Hillary of course sings the same off key tune and expects to be crowned because she’s a woman and she’s a Clinton though she only plays the part of qualified woman interested in everyday women. If it weren’t for the sheer numbers of the rainwater voters, the hypocritical spiel would be nothing more than hilarious examples of oversell in Freshman Marketing to sell poor quality goods.

With a sycophant media, the Socialists must deliver when called upon to make faux claims about their innocence of causing any problems for the nation by their conduct of legion when it comes to pandering. We can expect mighty pressure, mighty battles, as they weave, duck and turn, distort, hide, and gather numbers for the brawl. “Sure, federal funding of abortion is a right. Sure, the misery in a poor economy is the fault of the wealthy, and sure, there is nothing to see in Benghazi, nothing more to do with the IRS, and nothing at all important about going back to investigate. Sure any prosecutions that should be made won’t be made.”

And Jeb Bush thinks the President’s choices are his to make and we—our representatives–should butt out. It doesn’t matter a damn whether “his” choices would actually do the job. Anyone who suggests Jeb is not part of our problem can go the way of other milquetoasts who pay up, want to get along (compromise) with criminal Socialists and cower in their political corner—like Jeb does, where Hillary lives.

Andrew Huddleston
April 18, 2015


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