As the media wart hogs pine for the big zero Hillary and the cowards in this administration is more worried about language use and backlash against Muslims, we see and hear John (never a stupid liberal idea he didn’t like) Kerry call those of us who know the difference between evidence and computer models insane because we do not see climate change as a problem.

It is not. The idea that taking more of our money is going to change something that cannot be changed is itself very insane. But we’re familiar with that from the Kerry, the traitor, liar Kerry. We’re accustomed to it from democrats across the board aren’t we? Hell yeah. Remember the canard, the lie that federal funds would not be used for abortion? Sure you do and I do too. They fund this outfit called Planned Parenthood whose overall budgets can pigeon-hole funds (by check number?) and pretend it doesn’t go into the supplies and payments for physicians to perform killing if it came from the US Treasury. We’re fools if we think this settles it. Bull-shit. (That’s a word us commoners use when we know would be overseers play games.

And they play a mighty bag full of games. Why do congressmen and senators retire wealthy? Why? How? Who calls for investigations, goes through motions, and yield very little when it comes to any kind of sanction of one of their own? Hillary Clinton was not held to account for the murder of our people in Benghazi and never will. Hillary Clinton can play and work by her own rules when it comes to government work and will never be held responsible—not even for the classified information compromised from day one of her tenure as the so-called Secretary of State. What a joke she is and what a joke our overseers really are—very few of our representatives represent us.

We have a war put on us by Islam—call it the radical elements as it is safe to do—but not even that by democrats. What are we doing to fight? Why are we not mobilizing to win? Why do we tolerate rules of engagement decided by politicians and not the Generals who must put troops in harm’s way? Why are we losing our country? I think of the Clintons, the Kerry traitor and Obama of course. The answer is obvious.

Bernie said we are at war with climate change. On one side of me I laugh, on the other, I clean weapons.

Andy Huddleston
December 9, 2015


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