Jeb With no Exclamation Point

So we hear Jeb has now said he is not going to criticize Obama. He won’t acknowledge the harm and disastrous government policies of the past seven years? Jeb will play nice with this individual who is most responsible for more awful, freedom stealing regulations, baby killing appointments than anyone in history.

Jeb said Michael (destroy the 2nd Amendment) Bloomberg was a patriot. Jeb’s view of a patriot includes anyone it seems, but maybe particularly billionaires. Reckon?

This more good than not former Governor of Florida has supported common core, amnesty for illegal aliens (who according to Jeb no exclamation point come here out of an act of love). I guess the crimes are committed by some out of love too.

Some time before he weighed in against many of the American people with these brilliant gems of logic, he awarded Hillary liar Clinton a medal for some phony excuse to award the liar a medal. He strikes me as another deal maker with socialists and we have lived with the consequences of that foolishness for decades with a Republican establishment that invested in lighter versions of collectivist democrats.

The man Jeb, has a tin ear with no relief on the horizon that will enable him to take what he said he recently learned-that there is anger out there over what has been happening from government. Well, I’ll be damned he got it for a second. That epiphany of his was before he said Bloomberg was a patriot. It didn’t last long.

Hillary echoed that people are angry out there in her little New Hampshire speech following her defeat to Sanders. Jeb no exclamation point should co-author a book with this consummate liar. She can extract a hefty advance for the two of you from some dumb-ass publisher who invests in such items for political reasons knowing there will be no return to the company for the sell of her-their-0product of nothingness. There you go, Jeb-an opportunity on the horizon for you bub with one of your friends from across the aisle (who would as soon see you literally die if it benefited her politically). She’s done that before.

We do not need or require a deal maker, get along with socialists, status quo manager, organizer who can “fix it.” That would inevitably be some minor touch up and repair of overwhelming government size, government debt, oppressive taxes, and all of Obama’s legacy of the “god awful.” Get more than a clue, Jeb!

We see the legacy as a tyrannical construct. These people are objectively enemies of our liberty and republic who have no respect, place no value on our Constitution, Jeb no exclamation point.

I’ll tell you something, Jeb. You lump in close proximity and will not be trusted with my vote. You would manage our way to be Venezuela and by God, we’re not Venezuela. We’re a Constitutional Republic and the slide downward must stop.

Andrew Huddleston
February 10, 2016


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