Debbie Does Me

liberttyThe people who protested in Chicago against Donald Trump have no restraint—an inability to avoid violence whenever something is said by another that may somehow trigger the response.

These adolescents, babies or slow people according to the Democratic Party and their spokespeople such as Debbie Wassermann-Schulz cannot be expected to respect the notion of free speech in a venue paid for by Mr. Trump. It seems the democrat operatives admit theirs is an uneducated, uncultured, uncivilized group of malcontents that do not have the mental acuity sufficient to be held responsible for their actions. Okay, I got what you’re saying but I know better and don’t believe that lie.

Nope. Free speech is after all, only a notion to our domestic enemies. That notion can only apply to their speech and none other. Failure to grasp that will cause the adolescent to scream at you. Each of these takers from the wealthy—takers from me and you—has a set of emotions he or she simply cannot control. It’s a sad prognosis, and a dreary outlook for a productive future. Got that, had that, and won’t let you leftists ever intimidate or silence me. Bill Ayers is Billy boy to me and he remains a confused liar. He’ll die that way.

One mission of political parties and community organizers is to cause people to believe in what you are doing-to support the direction you want to—say—take the country by virtue of laws, regulations, court appointments, and so on. One of your surrogates we hear from on a regular basis is the tolerant and truthful madam Wassermann-Schulz. I choke over that last sentence. She wins friends by casting all Republicans-and those of us who think that way on several issues—such as the Constitution itself and economics for true prosperity, as something not much above evil sons of bitches. Male or female, she distinguishes roughly half the population as a cult of demons or aspiring ones, not worthy of a listen, not to be taken seriously, and never to be trusted. I sure feel the love. No I don’t of course. Every time I have listened to her I knew she was talking to me and hating me. Still, I will not attack her or disrupt her meetings.

I know how to take the high road. Sure, I want nothing more than to defeat the progressive (destructive) cabal we have lived with for decades that have cost us so much and yielded so little good—and so much very bad in our lives, in the deaths of cities ran by the acolytes of the party that promises and never delivers, the people who boo God and somehow ignore planned parenthood’s business of cutting and selling parts of babies not fully formed and who had the misfortune of being in the wrong womb.

So every appearance Debbie makes on screen she is saying how wrong we are about everything.

I’ve been wrong, then, for fifty years-since learning more about what faith in God should mean to me, and hearing Milton Friedman and William F Buckley for the first time as a young teenager.

She will never convince me—never.

Andrew Huddleston
March 16, 2016

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