A Speech Anyone Can Use

Speech May 14, 2016
There are millions of people who can see and hear adults chat about the trade of baby parts and not bat an eye. They defended this Planned Parenthood organization and will vote for those who vote to fund this evil. Think about that, will you? Can you?

Ignore what this means and vote for your democrats and Hillary this fall… My God, my God.
These same people can look you in the eye and claim you owe them—that you should and must pay more into this government so they can have more. You are not entitled to what you earn, not all of it, and they would demand that you not even keep most of it. Isn’t that loving of them?

Theirs is touted as the party of tolerance, the party of inclusion… the party that booed God and whose representatives often decide to exclude the words “under God,” if they recite the pledge at all. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and her party includes, who?

These people can tell all of us we must accept silly men who want to be women that we are to let them use women’s rooms in our public schools and public buildings. It will not be long before the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution is once again misused and enterprises of all makes and manner will be subject to lawsuits too. These people can put on their serious tone and tell us our young daughters do not count as important as a confused transgender claimant.
Obama just warned all school districts about bathrooms. Is he dipping his toe into the revolution pond?

These people will put you out of business, will extort all the money you have and put you into debt to pay claims of people who want a wedding service from you for two guys or two women. These are some who want to make a point about their lifestyle and some who want the judgment—they like to spend other people’s earnings too.
Freedom compressed under the guise of equality. There’s so much equality now, one can smell it, taste it and pay for it unless you’re a person of faith or a conservative, then you’re screwed.

These voters have been voting for America’s decline for decades by voting for the evil democrat party—where good is bad and bad is good. Much of our decline came about because of the expediency many of these voters saw as a ticket to collect stuff paid for by others. You and I don’t have a right to not pay of course once the theft is codified by the democrats they elect. These people can make all kind of law that forces us to pay for things—like Planned Parenthood, where evil lives.
Obama said we could keep our doctor and that our premiums would be lower. He repeated what he knew to be a lie many times. It doesn’t matter to some of his democrat voters. How sad it is that people so bent for the party of false promises that they can be lied to time and again and yet they still give their vote to the people who lie to them.

Obama lies so much and so often, the democrat voters who vote for the evil obviously don’t care. It’s like people are uniformed, don’t care, or zombie like and don’t know what truth is anymore and don’t know why it is important. They don’t care about anything much!

And they want you and me to pay for it, every time, anything, all they demand—those who work must pay everything. So this party that claims to be all about humanity, all about fairness, is of course-the most inhumane and the least fair one can imagine.

We do know it is all about control, all about abortion on demand, late term and all—all about letting babies born alive die alone in the linen room, all about the agenda of perversion, force whatever is vogue at the time on the country and everyone in it.

It’s all about being miserable, Godless, mindless, and faultless since a leftist is not responsible for anything, all about taking, taking and taking some more—and all about a dying military they abhor, all about the end of capitalism, the best economic system for more people to enjoy a higher standard of living, and all about control, control, and more control.

Only those politicians at the top of the heap do well; the rest are to be enslaved.

These are some of the reasons why the democrats want gun control for the rest of us.

To hell you will control me, democrats.

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