Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep continued her criticism of President Donald Trump, defended her now-infamous Golden Globes acceptance speech and vowed to “stand up” against “brownshirts” and “trolls” during her acceptance speech Saturday night at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual New York City dinner gala. (Brietbart 2-12-17).

The “brownshirts” and “trolls” you feel compelled to call out in your self-assumed bravery and self-righteous indignation that Donald Trump was elected over Hillary Clinton include me and many people I know.

Wanting to see more people prosper a little bit more in our economy than is possible with a progressive administration is also an anathema to you I suppose. Praying for an end to abortion for birth control is a faithful sentiment we are not entitled to as far as you’re concerned. We do not have a heart or intelligence at the level we should be allowed to vote if we think freedom of speech is and has been in real jeopardy.

Your “brownshirts” and “trolls” include hourly wage earners, police, supervisors and managers, firemen, military people, veterans, homemakers, ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, normal every day friends and neighbors who would never consider harming another human being, and in those numbers are all ages, including many who have enjoyed your work in cinema… we are living in the country where some of our family, friends or neighbors are living through horrible losses only because of poor border control and worse policies when it comes to individuals who are dangerous–but not to you and your neighbors I’m sure.

We care about our security overseas and here at home. We like the idea our military are supported and not sent into hostile arenas where we do not belong–but willing to spend our lives for good cause to protect the country and our families here. Do not worry though and call us names. Let it enter your mind that many of us are the very same or kind of people who went to France and Germany and killed the real results of a brownshirt culture. We have no guilt of conscience for doing that, only the nightmares of what we had to see, had to endure stopping our sleep and worse, had to live with those friends we lost doing so, some we watched evaporate or fall in agony or quietly fell to suddenly be no more. Call us brownshirts and be as wrong as you want. You have that right.

We can only answer out here where few hears is that what you say is wrong and we’re not brownshirts (Nazis) at all and are in fact, as far from that as human beings can be. We do have rights too–and that is to think and say what we think are a lot closer to being right rather than that hateful, that mindless vacuum of heart and that dark of soul of the left. We saw many of them wearing orange knits on their heads, we hear many of them call us brownshirts and worse, and we see many have used light violence already against ideas–ideas that are good, hopeful, and loving, longing for liberty of thought and action that harm no one and do in fact help more people feel good, positive and happy-and just maybe a little more prosperous.

Trolls? No, we are millions who have a voice too and used it November 8. Unlike you and your media platform, we have only each other to talk to but nevertheless, who has authority to define us? You, Meryl?

Andrew Huddleston
February 12, 2017


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