The Swirl

The swirl of it, the constancy of it, the ruinous nature of it as it manifests itself as a poisonous part of our daily bread so much as breathing foul air–that is what happens as we’re inundated by any media. Otherwise to say it is similar to suggest it is a portion of our daily bread is no exaggeration. Millions are fooled though and swallow it whole, like a gulp of life, a gulp of air.

Confused by what is right and wrong–things most of use learn and know by the time we are seven years old, the age of reason–more or less in the second grade. Murder is wrong. Lying is wrong.  Stealing is wrong.  Three of several rules that do not change regardless of some men’s humanistic attempts to qualify breaking them by virtue of outcomes “for the good of the people.” They are easily understood by the main and minds of ordinary second graders who mostly are unable to write or speak except in the simplest sentences. They’re only seven years old.

The swirl of it all, influenced by peers who were influenced by other peers and so on–the things your Mom and Dad warned you about when you were seven–that do not take you to the best place in behavior, have decided as adults to argue (and pass laws) that goes to undermining our basic understanding of the three rules and have decided that sometimes they are incorrect.  The basically deformed projects of human beings that take on the mantle to describe themselves as the enlightened ones to lord over us who are deemed ignorant so as to enable us lesser human beings to truly grow as an evolving humanist, a true collectivist and believer in their own regard, not anything better.

The confusion seeds itself as normal and for many become quite the mainstream such that many think Al Gore making millions from the largest financial hoax in centuries is legitimate, the the Constitution is a “living” document even absent a Constitutional Convention. The followers of Baal who do not know they are in the footsteps of a very real Satan, set about to communicate, legislate, tax, write, produce movies, sit in an anchor’s chair on television or is in place as an editor in chief of a newspaper and repeat what they learn from peers. Every day, all the time, as persistent as they are pugnacious, as soft in the use of the language (lies) as their chairs.

The dirtbag Obama (term borrowed from John Hawkins, Townhall) rallied these types (as well as the vast numbers of uneducated left that way because of liberal racism that dictates under its breath that minorities cannot be expected to achieve in academia at the same level of whites)–this dirtbag said many times during his campaign to “get in their faces.” With the left’s ever evolving enlightenment, this has meant a nuanced view of assault, murder, theft, and lies. The rules we are not to murder, are not to steal and are not to lie have been changed along its path of ever evolving needs to meet an end. How many times in the history of mankind has the left ever reached a happy destination?  The left never will be satisfied with any volume of liberty stripped from its citizens.

Murder has been the stock and trade of progressives (hard leftists) in every country taken over by the ideology that must do something about the portion of the population that yearns for freedom, lest they become more popular and threaten their hold on power.  In the United States, the murder has been largely limited to the unborn.  Abortion has been made into a mass delusion of acceptability by constant refrains of choice.  The left has never added an argument any better than the “difficult decision a woman in consultation with her doctor has to make.”  The canard–this lie is repeated in every media outlet imaginable.  The ninth month old baby about to be born-and many younger-are the sacrifice to Baal knowingly or unknowingly because of the most selfish act a human being can take and that is killing for convenience.  The numbers of people who cannot contribute to the nation because of this evil is unfathomable.  The real health risks and rapes not withstanding–where decisions are made by real doctors and real patients early in the pregnancy is understandable.  Whether it is moral is a question man cannot answer.  Killing for birth control can never be moral.

Our abortion industry receives federal dollars and providers such as Planned Parenthood returns a portion to the democrat politicians who make sure the providers are bankrolled by the millions of nameless, faceless, taxpayers who no longer count.  The corruption reached the feminists Obama and Clinton.  Murder is such an inflammatory word to use to describe a woman’s choice they say who as if exhaling the CO2 generated in just the last breath these cretins took.  They can see and know that Planned Parenthood sells parts of dissected babies and not bat an eye, not feel the tiniest nerve impulse throughout their bodies and in the next breath claim it was doctored film and so is to be dismissed.  My God, please forgive us.  Many Americans dismissed this evil so casually and voted for the corrupt bag Hillary Clinton and even cried when she lost because Hillary was all important to them, more important than goodness, more important than God.  Her loss became an excuse to set fires and be as disruptive to other’s freedom of movement as they could-the spawn is something called “antifa.”  Antifa is supposed to be anti-fascist but is in fact very fascist itself.

Antifa Marxists, Fascists cover their faces and set about to violently protest anyone and anything with whom they disagree.  There is no freedom of speech to these collectivists and they react violently when confronted.  We of course have every right to defend ourselves and so we must.  Being unable to control their  younger than seven year old emotions, they are liable to cause death as they continue.  These are but the tip of the spear of deceit.

The swirl of socialists are currently aiming for Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.  Diane Feinstein (never to be confused for a politician who takes her oath to defend the Constitution seriously) expresses she has concerns about Gorsuch and his adherence to the law over the little people.  The swirl lies as it attempts to create an image in the weak minds of its followers that such a man, who is a white male and who is imminently more qualified than the two jokes Obama put on the court, will make America a far more dangerous place, a most unfair place for minorities and women and a grave risk to the murder industry all important to them–the abortionists, as well as the collectivists, the progressives, the worshipers of Baal.

The swirl is large and strong but it is weak in character.  It cannot and will not answer questions truthfully because to do so would expose its hypocrisy and the vacant tools of Ball that it is in fact.  The swirl permeates virtually all our institutions, media and many churches.  Real racism for example is found at the door of liberalism where they believe black people cannot be expected to learn and do as well as others.  Of course skin pigment has nothing to do with character and ability, but not to the leftists.  The leftists believe blacks cannot achieve without the guiding hand of liberalism and the generous application of others’ wealth for any idea that will pay phony but “acceptable” black leaders like Sharpton and Jackson.  The swirl is also easily victimized by by radical Muslims who have killed some in their number who took their muddled liberalism to countries where it is dangerous for anyone not a Muslim, or a particular cult of Islam.

Theft of our earnings continue unabated by the politicians–democrats find ways to take more as easily as they buy three houses on a $170,000 annual salary.  Many republicans do the same thing.  The temptation for career pols to take is too great as the contributors to their bank accounts can hardly be expected to make any connection to their taxes and these pig’s wealth accumulation.  Our corrupt representatives and not been representing us; they are only pretenders.  To fund every conceivable bad idea, bad federal agency is above reproach and not for us little people to question (this is where Feinstien ventures away from the little guy as you won’t hear anything from her mouth on how the government is taking too much).  To fund the base evil Planned Parenthood, the NEA (that does no art and only supports liberal ideology on the airwaves, the department of Education (that does no teaching), the department of Energy (the generates  no energy) all must be funded so the government can look good and the workers in those agencies will send donations to the DNC and to a lesser extent the RNC.  The little people have little chance.  Our best chance was and is Donald Trump at this point and he has opposition like no President before him.  The swirl howls and screams, leveling all manner of vitriolic language, accusations, butt hurt hatred and anger.

The theft of our earnings has become normalized in our daily bread.  We are expected to no longer question what it is spent to do–and not do.  We have our politicians enriching themselves at the public trough directly or indirectly and no one bats an eye or eyelash.  Akin to trial lawyer abuse of our system where our insurance premiums, medical care, and virtually every good and service are more expensive due to the payoffs, whether sanctioned by a court or not.  The funds ultimately come from somewhere–guess where.  It is not the other guy, it is all of us.  Any doubts about this point is quashed by evidence A–the Clinton crime family.

The murder, lies and theft plague the republic as so much our founders warned.  The great sins of our nation such as slavery and sacrificing our troops in southeast Asia for no good conclusion, enriching defense providers for years.  This was in direct proportion to the to the number of people claiming to be progressive and are proud of their contribution to our disgrace.  The evil swirl are socialists and ruining our society in an over-arching, decades long effort of distraction and lies from love and peace to multiculturalism, global warming, choice, racist favoritism, secular exclusion, patronizing condescension, it is perfectly reasonable to carry weapons to defend yourself in many places (the list is growing) where the inevitable next step of these leftists will be to kill some in the opposition to a welfare state.  Already there was a show of force by Marxists who carried weapons in public to show us in Austin, Texas as of this writing.

Isn’t it a shame we let it happen because of how so many have blindly voted blue?


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