Coach Feis

I’m not writing this for the purpose of excluding any child or adult killed the terrible Wednesday of February 14, 2018, but to illuminate one who represents one of the absolutely courageous human beings among us and how blessed we are to have them. Can we be in the same—right place for this or similar situations should we be called upon in that instant of decision? I pray so.

Coach and security officer at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was tested Wednesday and performed with highest honors. He gave his life for others and gave his all, his love.

He not only did that but he taught all men a lesson of the highest value.

The greatest thing a man can do when faced with a threat to others is exactly what the coach did that day.

Coach Feis towered among men that day when he blocked rifle fire and protected children nearest him. It was his muscle and tissue against flying lead, his heart in an instant offered up for others. I wish we had him still but we don’t. He is in heaven guarding the gates for the children to come.

Like Professor Lebrescu did at Virginia Tech and certainly other men and women driven by the same heart, the man would not let evil touch his children for that few seconds. The decision was easy for him and there was no hesitation.

The exchange when evil comes cost us another of our best.

Andrew Huddleston
February 16

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