Parkland & Jokers to the Left

We have had one mass murder after another over the past twenty years and often involving schools. We make excuses and pundits try to explain the insanity, the unexplainable, the evil.

Some mindless people have tried to justify the evil ass by suggesting he was alienated, bullied, or spineless (in a figurative way and not the word I wanted to use). Some say he didn’t have a supportive home and was lashing out. This low life lashed out by carrying a rifle into a school of unarmed children and firing at them in his effort to kill as many as they could.


The deaths of innocents cause one nasty group of political ass-hats to call for gun control. They want to confiscate and destroy. They use it as a political theme to elect individuals who are themselves evil by supporting things like abortion on demand, socialism, confiscatory taxation and all manner of other destruction of character and morals. Interestingly but not surprising is that the soulless. heartless beasts who have shot up schools are from and raised within their very roots.

Maybe the evil sons of bitches didn’t have enough motherly or fatherly love–maybe they didn’t have any.  Are we to accept their acting out as a mere want of attention? No. It’s tough luck for “you”–instead of learning from it in order to avoid doing the same thing, “you” decide to hunt human beings.  “You’re” weak.

What we ought not to accept is any idea they are justified because of what the rest of us did or what the rest of us own to protect ourselves and families from animals like them.  Stop making up ideas to explain them.  When someone has signaled he is going to shoot someone or as was the case of the fool, Cruz, he is going to “shoot up a school,” can we not have law enforcement visit the youthful idiot and remove his guns, rifles, pellet guns, or slingshots???  A cretin who says this must in every case be taken seriously and must pay the consequences rather than risk others who want nothing more then to finish another day of classes.  Make up the damned list.  Stop fooling around.  Pass a law if you must–but do it now.  Anyone who makes the list, cannot have a weapon.  Period.

Isn’t it plainly obvious that we must arm every school?  Do this now!  Install the metal detectors so one of our alienated youthful maggot pukes can’t smuggle in a gun in his backpack.  Have one or two fully armed guards ready to take out a would be shooter instantly with rifles at the ready.  Do it now.  Do not hesitate.  Lives saved from one to dozens are worth it all.

We all do not have to live in their own self-made hell because they’re so weak minded.  We don’t have to accept the notion that we must endure these atrocities from anyone for any reason.  There is no justification for murder.  There is no justification to take away rights.  There is no justification for these empty vessels of evil that we must accept.  No.

He’s not broken, Ms. Diane Cuddihy, chief assistant to the public defender; he’s an evil son of a bitch.  Please stop stroking his little back in public.  I’m asking you because it makes many of us sick.  He should be be put down and it is my hope that as soon as Florida is able to carry out the sentence that it does so.


Andrew Huddleston

March 12, 2018

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