Nikolas Cruz, Murderer, Worm Food Worthy

I saw a brief news report that the Prosecutor of Nikolas Cruz will seek the death penalty at trial. He is the youthful evil entity who is nineteen years old that decided to take a rifle into a school and kill people. Imagine that—what does one have to be to take a rifle and unload magazine after magazine into people who are unarmed and innocent? What do we call that? I don’t know but I have some ideas to share.

The answer is beyond our ability to comprehend or understand so let’s not pretend. No words are adequate to explain, define or rationalize what this entity did on the day of horror, March 14, 2018. Words such as low-life, coward, worthless, maggot puke, evil—all of it comes to mind of course and all of it is true—but the words do no justice to what he really is. He is of no value. These words come up short to describe Nikolas Cruz. He described himself that day and only he made the claim of being worthless, worm food, dirt, and a hell bound soul.

There’s no value to this short article either just like there was no value to having Cruz in our world. I hope a few years in a maximum security cage for filthy, violent animals is all we have to endure and pay for. He and his legal team pleaded not guilty on March 14 so as to angle for a plea deal they knew stood little chance—where he would plead guilty for a life sentence and not death. No thank you. I and many hope for a speedy trail and a sentence of death. There are times when we have to see one put out of our misery. The sooner the better.

Andrew Huddleston
March 24, 2018


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