My Last Hillary Blog

I am not going to write anymore about Hillary Clinton.  Historians with a heart for the truth will do a much better job.  This opinion piece shall be the last.

Isn’t it a shame that Hillary Clinton was the first nominee for President of a major political party?  This vapid, hateful, corrupt woman was put forward by the Democrat machine because it owed her and she is all about the party regardless of the malfeasance, abortion industry, poor economic record and subjecting people to the soft tyranny of regulatory overreach and pandering to every conceivable group invented that have ideas–most of which are destructive and themselves, hateful.

People didn’t take their vote seriously who voted for her.  Her well documented habit of lying about nearly everything was clear.  Her equally well documented (though protected by a corrupt Justice system) violations of the public trust when it came to pay for play, The “Clinton Foundation” largess, and using the government as political weapons didn’t phase her voters.  Activities as small as cattle futures to travel-gate up to making certain her and her husband were paid by Russians for 20% of this nation’s Uranium resources made the case that her voters are hysterically blind.  Her support for an evil decision that allowed the murder of babies up to delivery didn’t even dissuade the millions of party loyalists by the socialist democrat party.  Her lack of skill and achievement in every government area of importance didn’t make a difference either to those who voted for this personage.  It makes me sad for our nation that we have come to this and I fear such a way of not thinking will be the end of this republic.  The Russians would not be sad over our demise.

So, goodbye Hillary.  You did provide many of us with a figurative target for years and has enabled a level of galvanization against the village raising our children and the pride of being a deplorable at this hour.

Andrew Huddleston, April 24, 2018


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