After He’s Taken

After he’s gone, finally out of life and office for you I’m thinking about,
Will you think you still have the high perch?
Will you say anything good or that he had it coming?
Will you say that he did more and tried more,
To be the people’s President, for all the people?
Will you say he did more than was foreseeable or possible?
According to yours. After you made him die, will you find,
That elusive joy you crave so much for him?
You made him a target, every day, every hour,
And you will deny that, but it’s true you know.
An imperfect man was elected while you are convinced,
Yourself to be more perfect in body and heart.
One of you killed him for working and trying harder than you,
Though many of you desired it deep in the dark heart,
And despite the ropes you all used, he did well for a while.
Now you have dispelled the scorn, the sickness, the pain,
One would think and give you that much. Now what?
But others may think not, there’s no quench to your soul,
To how very much you and your world hates, is there?
But you’re more perfect, aren’t you? Small as gnat’s eye,
You wallow where the world tells you; you long ago forced,
Out the heavenly spirit of good, true and love,
With a screeching cough. He is now laid to rest because of you.
And the ones who fought him every step,
Of the way to make a nation better, more for its
Families than ever, more liberty remains a dream of many.
While you say it’s not your fault—you were pretending to be,
A more perfect man or woman doing your job,
As a town Cry-er for all things as your masters said it.


If the worst was to happen because of the constant negativity toward our President.

Andy Huddleston

September 2. 2018


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