Throw Away People

Politicians, the power greedy, the class that promises and rarely delivers, use throw away people to step on, hurt, and have killed in wars. The worst example of this we can relate to broadly is Viet Nam. 58-60-70,000 the number keeps climbing of those Americans used to fatal conclusion by Johnson and Nixon’s men to both enrich suppliers and put forward a cause for war originated by Saint Kennedy.

The worst users of people is without a doubt the democrat party and its rising cousin, the “democrat-socialists,” actual socialists who have limited power at present but that is growing. Of course it includes those who do work live as Christian that they claim. They’re commonly referred to as “RINO’s. It’s easy to go along with anything for political expediency. It’s easy promise free stuff too and that’s most do in order to gain popularity. Lying to the people, the “throw-aways” is a relative thing to them as the ends always justify the means, particularly when their personal bank accounts are at risk if they don’t. These politicians lie in order to defeat their version of conservatives, about those conservatives. They do it all the time as easy as each of them take a breath and exhale.

The throw-aways includes Americans of course for the cause of illegal immigration. The canard that “the “undocumented” population is responsible for less crime than citizens insult our intelligence and yet they go on and use the refrain to argue why we shouldn’t guard our borders, deport people who could care less about Americans, or even withhold benefits they haven’t earned but we have to finance.

The throw-away people include those who suffer or die while the ADA takes its sweet time for approvals of drugs and/or medical protocols that reduces pain or that might save lives. Meanwhile, the government employees must schedule their leaves, work around their three hour days, and prepare for an early retirement, preferably on disability.

We are subjects to the ruling class of spenders and corrupt politicians and high level government employees who rake in millions on their end of service. All they have to do is work for a biased network, or a corporation willing to buy them for their security clearance. Damn.

We have a President now who is trying to do the right things and for his efforts he is pilloried daily, hourly, and made out to be such a villain that he is in mortal danger by the kind of people like Hodgkinson who shot at Republican Congressmen while at baseball practice and managed to nearly kill Congressman Scalise.

I will follow this by a second tone to express this political lynching on account of President Trump working to do the right things and the fact that Hillary lost in November, 2016 the date we witnessed the beginnings of repair to our fragile Republic.

Andrew Huddleston, armed American citizen
September, 2, 2018


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