An Anonymous Op-Ed.

Today is the anniversary of an event that took the lives of many Americans and caused thousands of families to suffer for the rest of their lives. We remember the day when evil ideas broke into our house and murdered people, making it clear there are enemies of liberty in the world. God be with the families and friends of those lost and bless them Father.

I am an American taxpayer who has been blessed with family and friends through the years. Our children are taxpayers too and are wonderful adults. Having served in the Marines, I went to school after my enlistment and finished a degree program. I remember my oath taken when I was eighteen and am writing this to assure the American people that I and millions of men and women with similar life experiences will work as the vanguard against any government overreach, corruption and reckless acts.

Though Obama and his administration did much to create fear, resentment and division among the people, used the IRs and now we learn the DOJ and FBI also were employed to work for the democrat machine, we remained watchful and pressed forward. We pressed forward with prayer and determination to change the government toward more liberty and fair justice. We did not think of taking any actions like democrat Hodgkinson tried to do other than writing, speaking, gathering others who wanted truth and then show at the ballot box each time we had our chance.

I just want to assure Americans that though there has been some good progress toward restoring an honest government and an economy and tax rates where more people can enjoy a higher standard of living than any government help can provide, we will continue to work to stop democrat excesses and waste and answer each of the lies the party must use. I and millions stand ready to vote RED even though some of the GOP have been lukewarm and some few hostile to us. Nonetheless the democrat party offers no progress and no work toward making government more accountable.
We are the vanguard and promise to do all we can to prevent the democrat control of the virtually unmanageable bureaucracy that is our government, with millions of employees writing regulations to restrict our freedom and charge us for the privilege. Of course taxes are hiked through the actions of elected representatives who gain favor and enlarge their coffers from K street givers. I will do my job to protect the American people! I promise.

There’s a large group of us who are using our eyes and ears, our hearts and minds to protect every American citizen and do what is best. We stand ready to challenge the politicians who argue in favor of illegal immigration too—those who have the temerity to justify open borders by actually telling us the crime rate of the “undocumented” is (in effect) not to be considered. They expect the people they sell to and hold in their clutches with such a level of disdain to buy the idea and forget that actual Americans have been harmed, killed because we did not turn them back at the border. Sadly there are many who are fooled by such simplified lies. We are all in favor and loving open arms of anyone who makes the effort to become part of us the right way and our own population show this to be true.

We will remain close so that we can check the infantile behavior and ballistics of other Peter Strzoks. We will do what we can to help the Kamala’s, Elizabeth’s and Corey’s avoid violating their oaths to the Constitution by voting for liberty every time we have the opportunity, everywhere, for every office. Be confident, we will protect our Republic and some silly politicians. Be confident we will do all we can to stop or frustrate Bernie and his growing number of socialist acolytes for their want of a system certain to fail.  We will watch for the deep state and its excesses, frauds, and radical designs to strip liberty from us and do all we can to stop them, every time. We will watch and act.

We will remain alert.
We will remain vigilant.
We will remain determined.
We will remain to live a free life and prosper as best that we can.
We will remain armed as we see fit, never to murder.



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