It’s to be Expected

It’s what many in their base expects. The low information voters who believe in Roe V Wade above any and all issues, who casually vote for socialist leaning destructive candidates in the democrat party and who do not care about the country; they fear conservatives. The poor darling have been taught to hate conservatives and all they stand for even if what they stand for actually causes them to have more opportunities to prosper.  Destroying a man’s reputation and career?  No problem for the hateful left; they Do Not Care.

The left only cares about their having the ability to bastardize our Constitution for their convenience on issues of the day they cannot do legislatively.  The left love their socialist projects, the confiscation of earnings for redistribution (buying votes) and their long term liberal debasement of society in reverence to their secular religions of nutty environmental requirements, crazy education plans, and ultimately the transformation of America into a socialist experiment.  They need to be legally able to continue killing unborn babies too so they can reduce the number of “undesirables.”

Since people like Feinstein and Schumer can’t do it through legislation because of a general distaste by the general population (they see as dregs), they must have some chance to keep their bloody fingers in the supreme court and other courts.  They ask why Garland didn’t get a vote prior to the election of 2016 and cry with a straight face he is qualified.  The fact is the judge does not know the Constitution.  He’s only as qualified as others sitting on the court who values our founding document as much as he does.  Ginsberg, Sotomayer, and Kagen are happy to bastardize the Constitution for the politics of the day, the winds of low information public sentiment–a hell of a thing we’d have with no foundation for anything.  Anything goes if anything can pass the court as we’ve seen.

That’s why all the awful events now are happening with Judge Kavanaugh.  He stands in their way (we hope) and they must destroy him.  Protestors will show up like they always do–we need someone who is available to do an article on whether they work and what they do–how do they show up when the liberal clarion calls them, the little pets of the left to go and show to disgust most of the country (but try to make the spectacle appear as if massive public sentiment are in their favor).

It would be interesting to learn how most are supported because I don’t see how they could be employed unless they’re all inhabitants of the Northern Virginia suburbs where the hold highly paid government jobs thank s to the left expanding a slow, deceitful, corrupt government.

We have a whole lot of rooting out work to do, don’t we?


Andrew Huddleston

September 26, 2018


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