A Short on Elizabeth W

Elizabeth Warren, the politician who said our justice system is racist top to bottom (and I suppose side to side) now says she will look at running for President after the mid terms. Thrilled is not one of the words that comes to my mind.

The woman who claimed Cherokee heritage because her family told her so to explain her high cheeks thinks it is her that can lead this nation “to the light.”  With an expanded amount of resources after her confiscation bills pass and her other ideas on legislation for the all-important regulations of Americans, she’ll set us on a course toward nirvana.  Our expanded government, its expanded authority and power is the stuff of her dreams.  It’s the stuff of nightmares to most working Americans of course because her formula always causes a contraction of a suddenly weakened economy.

A gargantuan expansion of the government bureaucracy will be a disaster should this actor have her way.  It is already huge and unwieldy, a nearly impossible or already an impossible thing to manage.  It is already a text book gigantic case of inefficiency, corruption and waste.  We all know that but the hundreds of thousands bedrooms in Northern Democrat Virginia love it so.  Peter Strzok and his neighbors do the Elizabeth Warren happy dance to be sure.

The world has witnessed something of governments that consumed all of nations such as the former USSR and Nazi Germany.  Wonderful-no.  Joy-no.  Elizabeth will tell us her vision is much different.  She will not admit her vision is as crushing individual liberty as the former but it is without the mass murder.  All she would have her agencies do would be “for our own good.”  The evil, the problem history of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany and our own country (land of the free) clearly shows this is not and would not be the case at all.  It would be good for the Virginians at the top of government, elected or not.  Americans who live outside that impenetrable bubble of double-speak would be hurt again.  High taxes, more strangling regulations on any/all sectors promise fewer job opportunities of real significance.  We’ll share shift time in coffee service with cupcakes who live with their parents and have not been taught much in school.

Only the Americans who have already died would not be negatively impacted should this woman who walks like she’s on a dramatic mission everywhere and throws her head from front to side, and up to down to demonstrate she’s a serious person be elected.  Think of it!  So many federal employees, that we only discover there are new regulations when they show up to fine us for our Bar-B-Que smoke for backyard chicken.  Oh, joy!  And the possibilities are endless from Elizabeth’s mind born out of privilege and money for a “responsive” government.  I’m (not) jumping for joy!  Why, we may even see the pesky issues of free speech and the right to bear arms be subject to penalties.  Our guns will certainly have a new scrutiny by a government with our best interests at heart!  Woe be to you who still has rifles or guns that are even close to those outlawed!  No, Joy.  She can expand illegal immigration too and maybe we’ll be lucky not to have a daughter killed and left in a farm field by one of them.  The odds are still in our favor.  There would be only a slightly higher risk, all acceptable to her and her wretched party.

Andrew Huddleston

October 4, 2018


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