A Short on Senator Hirono

She told men to just shut up. The ill mannered and insulting politician from Hawaii should think about making another declarative statement. She apparently knows little about the American system of justice and ought to learn it and then correct herself. Only in repressive government systems is one guilty until proven innocent while most try, despite democrat efforts to the contrary, to avoid slipping into the abyss of say, socialism where such anti-liberty behavior is allowed. 

Pronouncing one guilty on the basis of a completely uncorroborated allegation of an incident 36 years ago is a fantastic error (a non-rape regurgitated dream).  That is a mighty big mistake for a Senator to stake her reputation on and forge ahead behind a false narrative.  Even the dumbest people we have in the senate like Murkowski, Murray, Jones, and leaky Leahy haven’t been as out front with their shared preposterous nonsense.

The con was on and is still on for the democrat party.  Power to be taken at any cost!  Power ! whether a few innocent people must be hurt grievously!  (Killed?)  The Senator seems to have slipped into the milieu of a most hate-filled, the most strident, male hating, Nazi-like personage.  That is sad.  She revealed her heart when she opened her mouth and told half of us to shut up.  Her rhetoric reminds one of the kind of speak that would have fit well in 1930’s Germany–just different targets.  This ain’t old Germany Senator. 

It makes her irrelevant and an embarrassment to her party if the democrat party can ever be embarrassed–a real question where the answer is obviously a resounding “no.”  The party of exclusion itself claims it is inclusive, except for Christians, free market enthusiasts, capitalism, right to lifers, family oriented, tax reducers, regulation slayers, small government wishers, libertarian minded, hard working, patriotic, border enforcing, liberty minded, normal Americans.  Add white, black, Hispanic, etc. males to the list too if they do not subscribe to the socialist leaning nonsense of Hillary and Obama. 

Most Americans will not be fooled by this gargantuan charade anymore than we are by televangelists, politicians on the stump, car salesmen, or people selling Rolex watches on the streets with a suitcase full of them.  I believe that.

So Senator Hirono  wants all men to shut up (and step up).  She is stupid enough to believe all men are guilty and so much sponge themselves clean by joining her in condemning those charged by any old accusation. 

No, thank you anyway, Senator.  You do not have the right to make any demands on any of us.  We’re Americans.


Andrew O Huddleston

October 10, 2018





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