A Short on Doug Jones, Senator

I don’t know Doug Jones, Senator (for?) Alabama but I suspect he sleeps well. I do know that he being in that office causes me to lose sleep. I knew when he campaigned that he would not represent all of Alabama.  

He came in by saying he would work with President Trump and the GOP when he had common interest in the interest of Alabamians.  He said he would meet with Senator Shelby too.  I have very little influence and so many people allowed themselves to be taken in–and I understand that.  We had a suddenly flawed candidate that was difficult to get behind whether the allegations of creepiness were true or not.  (He was not accused of rape or assault, basically just creepiness with younger females).  Still, you know, it was a major cockle bur.    

I bet he met with Schumer first.  No word on whether he met with Shelby that I’ve seen.  Well.  A liar is a liar and since he’s a democrat–he lies because he has to lie.  This is the party that convicted Judge Kavanaugh with no evidence whatsoever.  Do you think they would do that to other people?  Damn right they would and have.  This party has literally put people in jail for being “not a democrat.”  I think of Tom De Lay.

The canard is that most of them say they will work with the other side but it is a lie as often as it’s said by these people. 

I said it then and sadly I was right.  Like Manchin of West Virginia (who did manage one vote for common sense) otherwise he too has been all party, all the time.  Playing resistance by Jones and the democrats blunts what would otherwise be even greater progress toward a freer America, a more prosperous nation for all regardless of race, gender, faith of or no faith and a nation where one actually enjoys the American Bill of Rights.  It’s a pity for Manchin who may win, but telling.  It’s a badge of honor for Jones that he voted no on the Judge and will continue to vote against us–we in the majority who are Alabama.  Just wait, he will.

So we can look forward to funding planned parenthood still and again and again if it were up to Doug Jones.  He can’t even give the baby a chance who has a heartbeat, feels pain, and has life brainwaves.  He can’t bring himself to embrace the Constitution–at our peril.  He will be against tax cuts for the working people.  He will be in favor of the democrat sacrifices of Americans at their altar of illegal immigration rather than be an “aye” even for Kate’s law let alone a border.  He can’t bring himself to embrace anything but what the masters of the democrat-socialist party demands of him.   

Maybe we should change the selection of Senators back to the original Constitutional provision.  

Andrew O Huddleston

October 14, 2018

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