Why Media? Really, Democrat party?

I don’t expect to prick the scab covering your long ago shelved conscience–this is merely a short talk to you all to ask you one question. You’ve been on a mindless tear to destroy our President since his election.

You all have campaigned to generate as much hate and strong negative emotions as you possibly can toward him and by extension those of us who voted for him.

I went to sleep early November 7, 2017 because I didn’t want bad news to interfere with my night. I feared Hillary Clinton would win and wanted to wait until the morning to handle what her presidency would mean for this country.

Accepting Hillary meant everyone who voted for her had to accept the many larcenies, the crude hate, and all the real corruption she was involved in totally–up to her rarely controlled mouth. Her history of being a consummate liar about real events, real lives, and actual crimes did not dissuade the party to rig everything in her favor. All her baggage of corruption and bite, vile temper, and pretentiousness would have had real consequences for the administration of the United States government. All of the real danger she would have brought to our Republic had to be put aside for the all-important goal of electing the first woman to POTUS by millions of legal and illegal votes.

It’s been two years of quite a grind for you all. Many of us tuned out in early January of 2018 when it became clear there was an invented narrative involving Russia and President Trump that we would not escape from anytime soon. Giving you all a minute or two out of curiosity has been fruitless; our President will never be respected by you. It’s been a constant hate-fest with no eye toward the good things the man has done by leading the government. Tax cuts are a big deal to most of us. Letting the military do what’s best is a big deal. Fairer trade internationally is a big deal. More jobs is a big deal. But not to you all. Any and all good things that have been done (despite the Democrat party) have been and are cast as negative fodder for your faithful viewers who have the same hate for the man.

Lately it’s been Cohen, Buzzfeed, and Covington occupying your minds to form your negative and hateful emotes. I suspect the issues will keep coming for you all because it is evident the hate is so acute that it will fuel hours, days and months of air time. The fantasies and make-believe angles will be invented when necessary to feed your insatiable desire to destroy the Trump presidency. He had the audacity to run for office as an outsider, a mere mortal being with ideas on fixing what’s wrong. He acts in the country’s best interests on all fronts–itself a serious affront to you all more serious than even not electing the first woman.

I and many others no longer wonder why you all do not care or want what’s in the best interests of all Americans (economically, spiritually, strength, security); you just don’t care.

Grow up and stop lying. F you all.

Andrew O Huddleston, January 24, 2019

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