Dear President Trump,

Thank you, sir. You did a good job on many fronts to restore our nation as the liberty beacon in this world. There were mighty forces against you and worked every minute of every day to stop you. You worked hard on our behalf and caused many great things to happen, from an economy that was good for all to the cause of peace in international relations. You gave it 100% and went above and beyond the call of duty far more than any of your predecessors in modern history.

We are eternally grateful for the chance you opened for us to live and work in a free Republic, blessed by God and strengthened by our Constitution. I am and will pray for you and the nation every day.  Hate and envy fueled by ignorance and misery are powerful forces that only God can defeat.  Only God can change hearts.

The failures and sin of envy is in every human being.  We all have these weaknesses and dangers within us and are to strive to put them aside and repent as believers.  We are expected to do all we can to avoid all sin and yet it is not promised.  Knowing we all fall short of the glory of God, it was a struggle many believers have successfully outgrown but many did not.

This haven of liberty and righteousness whose people from all backgrounds and races were able to provide for their families and build the greatest economic system the world has ever known is now Socialist.  Its decline will take a few years but it is inevitable.  Given the parade of miserable people who are invested in hate for all that’s Godly and good, people who believe the environment is their god and that mankind had to be repelled, people who learned propaganda from Stalinist masters of deceit with a complicit media, itching for ratings, and some few who simply thought they were doing the right thing by voting for liberals because they knew no difference, we can see the valley of our destiny from the peak we inhabit now.

It is clear we are losing our Republic–even the electoral college has been demonized as unfair even though it made our electoral process imminently fair across State lines.  It matters not to those who make any and all claims of being treated unfairly because of that process.  And add to that pressure is the illegal immigrant vote which may be countless but we will never know nor will it matter as we descend into the madness of Socialism.  We have a great deal to look for and fight as we must, die if we must, and suffer as we all will as the masters in party jobs do well until the resources and treasure is exhausted.  War will be the result as another country or within our own, arms will be used to take yet again as it always is in the human race and in the human history of things.  

But thank you, President Trump for giving us all a taste, a flavor of freedom and what it is to be American.  Thank you!  You made our international relations more fair to us–the tax paying citizens of the United States.  You returned some of our earnings to us for us to use as we saw fit, not for favor  of un-elected bureaucrats in DC to splash around like so much graffiti.  You gave us a path out of war where we have lost so many and maimed so many more and accomplished much, paid back much.  You knew we could handle any resurgence from a distance of our choosing but politicians and bureaucrats were not interested in doing the right thing out of their fear.  You claimed America again and exulted her as she ought to be for its greatness while most children in the public schools were being taught our nation was only evil and still is for its racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia while at least half of our population are reportedly sexist. 

Nonsense and hateful but nonsense and hate has won and now we are no more.     

And now there are States who have legislated away the life of babies for those who would and will kill.  God forgive us. 

Please God forgive this once great nation after we fell.

Andrew Huddleston                                                                                                                                                  

A Speculative Non-Fiction Essay

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