Our Rude “Environmentalists”

The title is misleading because the subjects of this rant are the Marxists who say they are environmentalists.

You see them in various places where they demand you pay them attention. Occasionally you see them news clips of some being arrested for trespassing (or being a general nuisance) to others in such places as Democrat Senator Feinstein’s office where they used innocent children as props.

They do not leave you alone. They do not leave you in peace. They always pop up uninvited to interfere in your life for a little while to tell you you (us) how very stupid we are and how we are causing the death of the planet. Their list of grievances against us are roughly listed here: 1. we are stupid, 2. uneducated, 3. blind to their facts, 4. ignorant as a choice, or simply 5. uncaring.

Preferring a camera and media attention, much of their time is not used to clean a park, a road or help an elderly person recycle… the zombie-like apparitions that appear screaming incoherent, monotone slogans, memorized portions of an Al Gore’s speech or simply unintelligible insults to every person in the room from their bumper stickers lies, they infuse themselves into our space.

You see them, their hollow eyes, unblinking, trance-like presence developed over the years to use their pagan earth religion to harass those who they consider inferior human beings.  Their bane is that we may drive pick-up trucks, eat steak at home, or a chicken dinner (in a restaurant they decided to invade).  Since we can’t shoo them away successfully and ask that they leave us alone, we are generally left with no recourse but to politely endure their diatribes against human-kind.

We need Scientists to be honest and stop dealing out of their grant expectations and university chairs and publish more truth rather than cooked nonsense by a “consensus.”  The nightmarish conjecture related to how much mankind truly impacts the environment–and how much we can really do to correct it is an arrogant equivalent of an arrogant Napoleonic complex among these posers weak characters.

So unconcerned about what socialism would do–the misery and starvation that would ensue–these liars think they’re safe from the effects of what politicians and their hollow eyed followers protest to accomplish.  They’re not and there is still China, the largest polluter in the world.  Still the earth recovers and survives and in fact, our air is cleaner now than ever.

So get it right or do not come at us, phony environmentalists.

Andrew Huddleston

March 5, 2019

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