They Lie to Your Face

They can look you dead in the eye and tell you they have the right to kill a baby up to his or her birthday.

They can look you in the eye and tell you that you did not get a tax cut.

They look you in the eye and tell you “we (government) can’t afford tax cuts.”

They look at you dead in the eye and scream that the country is an illegitimate nation built by slavery and misogyny… casually dismissing/forgetting our Constitution that has set more right even though there have been some wrong too because of liberal “interpretations.”

They will accuse us of still being misogynistic and evil nationalists because we favor our people–all our people–first for the fruits of our systems that many Americans gave their lives to defend. They won’t bat an eye or swallow hard when they say it either.

They tell each other that the U.S, is a bully on the world stage and we ought to pay more to central America in order to stop so many illegal aliens from breaking our laws. Millions have been sent for years that we have no say so over and instead are pressed to pay the taxes.

They look at you dead in the eye and say the few Americans killed by the undocumented (illegals) are not worth any action to stop the flow of illegal aliens.

They look you dead in the eye and say open borders and sanctuaries make our country better and safer while many Americans literally sacrifice their lives at the hands of illegal aliens.

They send their children out after a horrible school shooting to tell the world with their favorite adjective, “fuck the NRA.”

They can look you dead in the eye and shout that climate change must be addressed by taxing you more and shutting down whatever suits the hysteria at the time.

They look straight at you and claim socialism is not the boogie bear capitalists say it is–that we would not be another Venezuela, an echo of what Venezuelans were told in 1999. Many of these are in our college and high school classrooms.


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