I’m One of Those…

I’m one of the many who believe in prayer and hope, real hope.

I have thought for many years that politics and policy for the United States was bound to become more constructed by good ideas as we move through advancements and changes because the nation itself was growing–good ideas that are Constitutional. My immature, naive attitude toward other people has been that most all are mindful and good. I still believe most people want good things for others, want fairness–and fair justice for those who bring harm to us, our families, our country.

It is not a fact of my personality of seeing good people with good hearts around me rather than assuming most people are bad.  I and millions of others who are the same do not suggest that our mentality makes us any better than anyone else. It’s not a boast. It’s an admission. I truly thought through decades of political malfeasance and corruption that once more Americans realize what is happening, the majority will reject all things built on lies and hate. 

Lies and hate are the mainstays of the nation’s democrat party and has been for decades.  The powers of the party still promote the utterly false narrative that they are the party who stands for progress and a better life for those downtrodden Americans and now, those who came across the border illegally and are distinctly not Americans.  It is all a lie.  The politicians in the democrat party know no bounds of how much they’ll spend of other people’s earnings nor do they ever stop obsessing over their want of power. 

I have believed most Americans will reject the leftist ideology that prides itself in socialism constructs, abortion at birth, and categorizing people who have no desire to be categorized by anyone and are incensed that anyone would even think to try and group liberty loving Americans in any way. Many of use have a two word sentence at the ready and just under our breath at all times toward those who hate based on race and/or gender.

But many Americans seem to remain uninterested and with little actual knowledge of the battle we are having in this country for the sake of what’s left of our liberties and what’s really left of our actual freedoms.  The list is long on those elements that caused citizens to enjoy the highest standard of living in the world, the most autonomy, and the guarantees of rights that are contained in our Bill of Rights.  The chipping away done by liberal courts have been accomplished by this termite of our foundation.  Any and all rationalizations have been made up to justify such decisions as the separation of church and state where even the Ten Commandments cannot be posted in a number of courthouses.  This one example has nothing to do with any government entity establishing a religion but a public display if gazed upon offends some people.   The nonsense of political correctness has to an extent become a Constitutional tenant. 

I pray and hope we do have more Americans seeing the horror of the left and rejecting all things that have been promoted through the group think of people who support, for example, not tending to a new born who was to be aborted.  I hope and pray more Americans come to understand the religion of many on the left that sacrifices American lives every year at their altar of illegal immigration.  I pray more Americans come to know more about liberty lost and the example of the misuse of our language which has limited our freedom to speak our hearts unless couched and approved by the leftist powers that be… we’ll see.  A year and one half from now, we’ll have a democrat running against President Trump who will have promised to be the anti-Trump solution for the left to ascend to the throes of power once again to fundamentally transform our country into a space we hard recognize and a lawlessness that will bring more feces to the streets of our cities.

Before the election, we must pray the democrat he or she loses.  We should remain hopeful and optimistic more Americans will care and see the truth–to do otherwise and go to the dark place of despair and misery would be to mimic the place leftists occupy. 

Andrew Huddleston  July 25, 2019 


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