Who You Believe, What You Worship…

Do you allow others such as the biased media, unions, secularists, the hate-filled, the misguided, and the misinformed (or collectivists liars) lead you around, lead your mind to wherever they want to take you? The immature, silly, hate-filled people of all ages will say: Socialism? Yes! “Green New Deal?” Yes! Absolutely. Higher taxes on other people? Yes! Yes! A million times, YES!

Insanity with a smile when required, with a scowl when in their normal hateful state of mind. Leftists hate everyone and everything. They’re miserable. An illustration:

  • Who makes the determination of “fair share?” Who? In every case since the democrat party has adopted spending as their path to power. All of us pay more every time we give this collectivists party power. Liberal buy votes by outright promising things they will use other people’s money to buy. These same politicians use the word “investment” to disguise their real intentions. They assume we’re stupid and haven’t experienced and know exactly what they mean. By the power of the IRS, they strip people of their earnings. It’s legal theft.
  • The Socialists (also known as Democrats) want to force everyone to pay for someone else’s abortion. They want to fund overseas murder too through the canard that abortion is women’s health. It’s not. The left uses the language as a disguise all the time.

People are free to go ahead and be led by fools and liars. Many are following the worse our society has produced in the ways they make everything relative, everything is neither right or wrong, the climate requires us to stop living the life we’re living (and on a subliminal level, they’re okay with that because their college loans will be forgiven). In the meantime they followers enjoy their iPhone, air conditioning, flights to Cancun, movies, television, theater, meals, hair styles, hair dyes, fashionable clothing, cars, Starbucks coffees, and their $1,000.00 bikes, etc.

All the things available in our markets, the markets created by a capitalist system–which is to be abhorred according to their group think.

Isn’t a shame that so many people follow fools and think the confiscation of wealth will not affect them. More importantly they think the utter absence of any morals, faith, optimism. and any respect for our country will somehow steel them against people they hate because they do have morals, faith, optimism, and respect for the country. Don’t look now liberals–the people who will hurt you are with you.

Who you follow and what you worship will provide you either happiness and life or misery and death.

Andrew Huddleston

October 4, 2019


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