December 18, 2019

Pelosi has attempted to clean the open sore of insane promises made by socialists within the democrat and apply the antiseptic and then cover it with a dressing.  The party has allowed the lies of its most unbelievable members to sell their socialism.  It is the most unrealistic, undeniable path to misery ever used to sell to the hapless, clueless, along with the many mean ones who choose to hate this Country.  There’s no need to pitch the awful trajectory to those who hate the Country’s (and ours) very existence from the onset.  The party has impeached a sitting President without a crime having been committed. 

Now on we go.  If the Senate moves to dismiss the impeachment–the democrats will use the action to call for the election of more anti-Constitutional democrats (regardless of how very hard they appear to gripping the document at present).  Many Americans know the game and know exactly what to expect from Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff.  We also know now what to expect from any person running as a democrat while claiming they will work with the GOP and the President for the betterment of the nation.  We know it’s a lie every time it’s used to reach voters who want a better government.  

At the present, Pelosi and her troops are chiming the game is rigged, the Senate will be unfair.  The absurdity of the irony the democrats have created with this sales-pitch and it’s simple-minded expectancy is what we have because the party of placating the insane promises crowd and bandage the open sore on our body politic is lost on only the hateful and the woefully ignorant. 

We pray that the American people will rise up over the next eleven months and God willing will teach these people a tough lesson about the meaning of liberty and the truth found in our Constitution.  Our children and grandchildren are worth it. 

Andrew Huddleston, December 19, 2019.  


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