Dear Democrat Moderates:

 You chose the Democrat party. You were elected to congress after campaigning that you were moderate and willing to listen to your constituents and work with the President and Republicans on issues important to your district. Promises not kept are simply lies you told for votes.

You voted in favor of impeachment based on hearsay and people’s assumptions as to what President Trump did on a phone call to the Ukrainian President. He asked for help on corruption relating to the 2016 election. You heard this and you read the transcript. Yet you voted to impeach. Why? “I presumed” “I assumed” “I thought” All these phrases were used by the so-called witnesses in testimony as to whether the President was doing something that wasn’t a crime. Hillary Clinton remains unindicted for real crimes.

You stood in solidarity with Democrats who claimed it was a Constitutional crisis… you know that was a lie. It wasn’t politics, campaign speeches where politicians lie all the time (as you apparently did). It was and is an outright lie. You knew it was and said nothing. Given that you’ve shown who your real constituents are and where they’re located, here are questions for you to consider as far as restoring some of your character. It’s important that the people in your district know the real you before November, 2020. So far the picture isn’t positive. It’s very negative.

1. Are you in favor of third trimester abortion and post birth killing too?
2. Are you in favor of open and uncontrolled borders without consideration as to who is coming into the country?  Do you agree that every year American lives are sacrificed because Democrats are unwilling to update the laws and enforce the law?
3. Are you in favor of burdensome regulations that have caused untold litigation and untold loss of manufacturing and development for no good reason? This is one foundation principle that goes to employment as you know. No, we’re not considering regulations that make sense and serve the environment and labor well. We’re asking you about nonsensical bureaucratic make-work that accomplishes nothing but make-work.
4. Are you Socialist?
5. Are you in favor of the tax cuts we enjoy?
6. Are you in favor of Medicare for all?
7. Do you think the second amendment gives Americans the right to own and bear arms?
8. Do you believe the Judiciary should make decisions based on the law as it is or add their individual wants or desires to the rulings?
9. Do you believe in the presumption of innocence for all, including Supreme Court nominees?
10. Did you agree to President Obama’s rules of engagement in war zones?

These are but a few questions I suggest many of your constituents are interested in knowing how you stand. It became evident that you veered off course as to what you sold in your district. The degree and the depth of your true character remains an open (but closing quickly) question. I suspect you’re a typical Democrat who only wants power.

November is coming, sincerely yours.
An American voter


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