The Whirlwind

From Donna Brazile’s broadcast of her telling the RNC Chair, Rona McDaniel, to “go to Hell,” and Chuck Schumer’s public pronouncement that Judges Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will “reap the whirlwind” if they decide an abortion related case regarding the kill providers access to hospitals in Louisiana in the event of a problem with their “patient,” Schumer and his Democrats must abide by Planned Parenthood demands.

The Democrat pets of PP must protect this organization that sells organs body parts in every case. A whirlwind of thinking Americans have gathered strength and will, with God’s help, turn out in 2020 to put an end to the Democrat agenda where illegal immigrants are to be free to kill more Americans. The actual people reaping the hate they have sown are Democrats and the poor tools within the party who meet Conservatives and President Trump supporters with violence, censorship, and abuse.

The arrogance of Democrat leadership knows no bounds. The hate has no depths. This is a political party that desires to punish an entire nation with their version of revenge. It highlights obsessions with a so-called Green New Deal, that does virtually nothing to affect climate change (but it would cause the assassination of our Capitalist economic system), illegal immigration, and government control in every sector–from health care to energy. Democrats want gun control, unfettered killing of babies in utero and born alive, and regulations for every aspect of nonsensical orders from on high of the corrupt circle of hate-filled leaders. If we were to see the unchecked implementation of the Democrat punishment of this nation, we would be in a place of indentured servitude and misery.

Democrats will, if given power in the executive, the congress, and the courts take all they can from all of us and the results as they have always been, would be unaccountable. Democrats hide the waste, fraud, and abuse–and the fraudulent claims of largess as the only remedy to our societal ills. Democrat politicians enjoy the fruits of the same waste, fraud, and abuse because it is they who benefit most from all of it–for power. Promising things for votes (buying votes), is their only real activities.

And the Democrat party promotes the kind of “leaders” who do not care about body count in any context. Whether it is war, open borders, and killing babies, the whirlwind and Hell will be upon them, finally, with God’s help. We must pray unceasingly as we fight.

We, the patriot Americans, want to see justice too about the expensive pursuit of the make-believe Russia collusion case that caused Americans to lose their liberty–and some their modest accumulated treasure. It’s getting to be a long time and nothing has happened. We hope it’s not Huber-like and amounts to nothing. That would be no justice for Americans, for America. The Hell for the living would be democrat win.

The whirlwind will be a democrat defeat in disastrous proportions–which will be a great victory for the American people.

Andrew Huddleston

March 9, 2020


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