June 2, 2020

When our good nature is trampled for the want of socialism, as our faith is persecuted–our lives are worth little but what the powerful has wrenched from our hands and minds until we’re old and worthless to them–as our values are ridiculed and replaced with someone else’s ideas that always involve some kind of control. We do not have to take it. We’re Americans.

When even our language is quashed and changed to mean something else or not to be uttered at all for the want to shut you up–when they torch our properties, deface our memorials, burn our churches–when they try to kill us and do kill us–when they come into your neighborhood to “take what is theirs,” remember who you are and that you built the little you have. We’re Americans.

Remember we all have faults and failures and should be blamed for them, but also know that we’re not guilty for being and we do not kneel and apologize for privilege. We do not pledge our hearts and minds to a collective, because these things are lies. We are Americans.

I for one shall stand my ground. Regardless of what happens to me, I will not give up on liberty and my faith. We do not start the fights, we do our best to finish them. We’re Americans.

Andrew O Huddleston


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