The Children Weekend of June 27, 2020 in Chicago

A ten year-old child is killed sitting in her bedroom.   The family cries and begins the journey of going through an experience no parent can endure and have as happy of a life as they would have had.

A one year-old baby boy is shot in the chest while in a car with his mother (who was wounded).  He died in the Hospital.  The family cries and mourns and experiences the horror no family should.

Politicians barely mention them.  Political “Operatives” across the airwaves and on set hope they don’t have to answer them.  Most don’t pray because they aren’t into faith.  One man who is not a politician feels the hurt in his heart and is advised by the most elite heartless, brainless, and most likely faithless as well to be “careful how he talks.”

BLM is quiet and heavily engaged in fund raising because the time is right!  Have to hit the market while the market is hot!  George Floyd died for this.  Rayshard Brooks died for that.  BLM is a Marxist organization.  It is a racist organization where hate flourishes and prompts some blacks to beat up whites and prompts some white children of privilege born the second time in college to look the other way.

The first was murder.  The second was a result of not helping the man get home safely and following some kind of misguided protocol instead.  (We know when you make the rules and administer them without judgment, someone gets killed, and the rules look insane after the fact).

The (use your preferred adjective) democrat party is counting on the discontent to generate a win for the White House, Senate, and to keep the House.  These “Operatives” are busy blaming Trump and repeating the lie that our nation is replete with “systematic racism,” and some claim we ought to pay the black man and woman what they’re due.  In the meantime, children are killed, innocent people are killed, maimed, hurt, and disabled all under the false flag of racism when it is in fact, racist hate.    

Every initiative President Trump has led his administration to do in an effort to improve the economy for all, to finance black colleges, to give people a second chance who were sentenced to jail according to the democrat crime bill, and to support the faith ministries of all Americans. 

The games, the games.  The dangerous games people who have no honest, faithful character, no love in the hearts for God above, and no love of country or respect for what has been done under our common flag—a flag viewed with the sentiment of utter disgust by most colleges and passed down to our children who pay the tuition and buy the (fill in your preferred adjective) Marxist books. 

If the (fill in the blank) democrats succeed, it will be our own fault and we will be to blame for what follows.

There will be an increase in child murders in every large city where gunfire in the city is common and allowed.  Please, for God’s sake, think.    

Thank you for the time,

Andy Huddleston

June 29, 2020           


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