New Normal—Democrats in 2020

What will be the “new normal” for the Democrat party that is working so hard to win in November? The riots and destruction, the assaults, and the murders are all part of the game plan. Those consummate liars who run for office, those who campaign for them, and their media will implement the following if America loses its collective mind and votes them a win this year:

• 1% annual GNP as announced by Obama himself.

• Committee ran executive branch by none other than the entrenched democrat-socialist liars. You know the kind: males who live beta and females who disdain anything conservative, whose constant scowl is their happy face as they destroy society itself.

• Green new deal costs for no reason—the changes and shut-downs envisioned will do nothing for the hoax of man-caused climate change used to usher in a brand of socialism.

• Hate everyone who disagrees with them and work to destroy them through civil and criminal courts–the Harry Reid method–lie to win.

• Socialism and higher taxes causing forever higher debt.

• Higher unemployment.

• More funding for abortions at Planned Parenthood. Everyone is forced to fund this.

• Where censorship is a matter of course. People are criticized, asked to leave, or most of time fired for even reading an editorial based on truth that challenges the left. The New York Times has become the seat of this new normal.

• Affirmative action has taken new forms–such as not grading black students the same as others… clearly a response to racist leftists’ demands for lower standards.

• A return to large payments into other nations and faux organizations, and faux nuclear deals, and worse trade deals. The end is always we pay out more for no return. Some countries will still hate us regardless of how much of our treasury we waste.

• Funding BLM, the Marxist organization whose members siphon funds to their personal businesses.

And we’ll have a Supreme Court that does not rely on our Constitution, but rather the leftist politics of the day.

We must remember this: the left will never be satisfied.

Andy Huddleston
July 3, 2020


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