Please People, Think. Please Lord, Be With Us.

Violence. Destruction. Riots. Looting. Assaults. Murders.

COVID closings in states from government overreach. Children are the last consideration to the teachers in California, whose union leadership and most members must be Socialists, Marxists. Among their demands for reopening:

  • Defunding the police.
  • Ban charter schools.
  • Ban school choice.
  • Federal medicare for all.
  • Funding illegal aliens.
  • A State wealth tax.

Have we forgotten the enemy in Marxism? So quickly, in our lifetime, it has been laid at our children’s feet in schools and colleges all across the country. Most of us didn’t know. Children are unimportant to them versus their cause. Isn’t it obvious that we have thousands of people teaching who shouldn’t be teaching or anywhere close to children?

What is wrong with people who blindly follow every democrat politician and non-leader we have who work to destroy our very existence as a liberty loving Republic? Why have so many lost their ability to critically assess the message of Socialism versus the message of liberty?

Actions based on deeply rooted ideas of hate–who to hate, what to hate–is the saddest state for a human being. Such a state promises destruction and anonymity for them and nothing better for their lives–or ours if they have power.

So-called Christians call for the democrat party regardless of its willingness to kill the unborn up to and in some states, even after birth. Some of these people shout at us that we can’t be Christian if we support Donald Trump. Another outrageous lie against a President who has faithfully supported our 1st Amendment rights.

Continuous murders of children and others are normal in democrat cities where the ghetto culture is loose to use guns in neighborhoods!

Assaults on innocent people and children by the very real racist Fascists of Antifa and BLM are considered fair play by misguided leftists in many areas. Nothing matters to violent people who derive a sick satisfaction of opening wounds on strangers and watching them bleed.

Nothing matters to people who have been taught they can take what they want because they’re entitled to it for being born.

Turmoil. Confusion. Pain. Blindness. Death. Big lies. Anything is used by haters to elect Socialist and Marxist democrats.

Our jobs? Pray to God above for the enlightenment of all haters. Teach people about this country every day. Beat them all at the polls and win the country back.

Andy Huddleston

August 3, 2020


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