Our anti-American left has been using violence since President Trump assumed the office. At first, it was the public harassment of people. Leftists took pleasure in hounding Trump people at restaurants and marching in the streets for speakers with hate in every heart while wearing silly pink hats. Then Antifa emerged to cancel free speech events on college campuses and do damage to some of the property that did not belong to them. As for me, the first fire I saw set by Antifa was at Berkley.

More recently Antifa merged with a Marxist group (short name of BLM) and seized on the George Floyd case to organize and begin the violent destruction of cities and looting of any property it sees fit to steal. The organization has come to use the fully developed form of murder. Many innocent Americans have been killed, whether inside a store in St. Louis or on the streets of Portland. We witnessed an unarmed Prayer Warrior murdered in Portland by a coward who shot him in the head.

There have never been human minds changed because of violence. There have been coerced adherence to commands by those using hurt, maim, and kill as methods for grubbing political power. The attackers know they have weak, evil ideas most people will never agree to live. Never. Yet they interrupt the peace of others, they block our right to access public roads, they march with their little drums and create a nuisance of themselves, they arrive after midnight and begin noisy fire starting, throwing contests toward men and women who have the job of wearing the blue and protecting their city, and now some are shooting other people… all under an invented cause called social justice.

Violence does not change minds. Violence hardens them. This left will fail because the core of they’re work is the belief they must strip liberty from all to force an agenda the majority rejects. God help us if the violence continues and escalates even more forcing those who can, to take up arms and shoot back. We must pray it ends.

Andy Huddleston

September 5, 2020


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