The President and His (Our) Haters

This is not a point by point expose of the many trials we’ve been through. We’ve been through them and they’re still mounting great pressure and coercion on us every minute of every day and everywhere. We know what has happened. We shall not forget come November 3rd. May God help us win again.

President Trump has a number of haters in our country who can’t stand the idea he won the office. Although this has been obvious since before his inauguration, I believe there are different kinds of haters, for different reasons. Together, from political circles, media, Hollywood, the self-absorbed academics who are are convinced they are omniscient, and the voting public, the hate coalition formed early to deal the nation misery. Our ordeal has been hard to take–sure. The President’s and his family’s constant hateful attacks must have been nothing short of nightmares–still are–and of course far worse than ours.

We have the politicians who do not hesitate to simply lie as often as they breathe air to hurt the President’s reputation and ours, slow his efforts to get the job done and ours. We’re the “beneficiaries” of the impasse by way of not being respected as citizens and fully allowed to express ourselves, to make a living, and live in peace. Their reason to hate is the simplest and perhaps the oldest. Jealous he is accomplishing a great deal without their support, he has made them all appear to be feckless and bound by a party structure that tolerates no dissent within its ranks and no independent thought.

We have the hostile media that as we know, from day one, never treated the President with any respect whatsoever (and Paula Reid still sits on her butt when asking him a question). The media treats him and his spokespeople with nothing short of contempt and the kind of attitude generally fostered in a Godless, fatherless home. Every question is designed to set him off or his current spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany–to test their every second ability to handle each contorted, off-track, entrapment attempts, silly questions as if they deserve respect that every one of them cannot lower himself or herself to show such an unworthy, such a potato head person in office. Over 63,000,000 people expressed he was worthy. They can’t get over it. They’re weak-minded, agenda driven (socialism?) and immature to a fault we don’t bother with.

Hollywood can’t be bothered with the welfare of the American public. It’s beneath them to give a damn.

The academics have taught our children to hate the nation. They have taught it is important to recognize our wretched history to the point of why the whole foundation must be rebuilt. They have taught the benefits of socialism. They have taught something called white privilege. They have taught that race is more important than achievement. They believe it is a virtue to hire and promote people based on for example, whether they have an American Indian heritage, for example, rather then their ability to teach objective truths in economics that will actually benefit the students and the nation.

When a phony Indian used an identification category, she propelled herself to Washington, the U.S. Senate–and ran for President! Harvard invited a Taliban chieftain to study while we–the lowly American and immigrant men and women–were at war with them. I’ll never forget or forgive this esteemed institution of “higher learning” for this outrage. It’s academia. It’s the most racist institution we suffer; they believe the Black and Hispanic race cannot achieve. It’s a sewer of bad ideas. It’s corrupting our children. It’s not worth a hard earned dime and so I suggest we not waste the money. Leftists deplete, destroy, and devalue every institution they’re part of in any capacity… Every-single-one-of-them.

The Americans and some who are not hate the President and us because many believe the media in its worse portrayals of the nation and our President. Fed the need to tear down and rebuild the nation by public schools and the anti-American media, it’s little wonder why so many young people are miserable. Given that, some migrate to groups like the Fascist Antifa and the Marxist Black Lives Matter groups. Sadly these groups are working on tearing our nation down. They hate because they’ve been taught to hate. Now they have even murdered an innocent, unarmed man wearing a prayer warrior hate.

Biden said that all this violence is Trump’s fault without even a smidgen of evidence. It is his voters burning things and hurting people. The term the acolytes of Socialism are using now in the media is a worn out, tired and untruthful phrase, “he’s fanning the flames.” Misplacing facts and ignoring truth is being used in a full attack mode. That’s because the media and the democrat party think the American public will believe them. Sadly some will. The hate is on full display every day.

Our work is not finished. We must pray. We must believe. We must ban together in love for our country. We have to defeat them November 3rd.

Andy Huddleston

September 6, 2020


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